Hope Administrator will learn from past mistakes

Council Administrator Rik Hart

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I refer to the letter from Bruce Hyland (Chronicle Forum, Oct 6) regarding the Council and current Administrator.

This was such a well-written article that everyone should read.

The details were so true it was great to see there are others that have the same thoughts about the Council.

It was never revealed how the current Administrator got the job and was he really what we wanted, is he the best man for the job?

For a salary over $500,000 the ratepayers expect more.

Each week in the Council newsletter he contradicts himself saying we are going to make a profit this year but then make substantial losses, but no reason why.

He appears to want IPART to increase costs to make the Central Coast the most expensive Council in NSW.

He was put there to improve efficiency of the Council, not just increase costs.

In regard to the elections, I had written to him recommending the Referendum be conducted online by ratepayers rather than the antiquated and expensive current system.

He said I should write to the State Government to ask for the change, he could not do it!

The current Council Administration needs to ensure they do not make the same mistakes of the past but focus on what we really need.

Let’s hope the Administrator gets the message about what ratepayers want and what his role is.

Email, Oct 11
Phil Morrison, Bateau Bay

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  1. Diane Cunningham | October 15, 2021 at 10:51 am |

    I refer to letter from Phil Morrison Oct 11
    Where is the due diligence that usually applies to senior executive hiring? Our Community needs an Administrator that actually knows and understands our region. The Administrator needs to work closely with the vast number of stakeholders within the Central Coast, including the Wyong (ex LGA) otherwise…what is the point?
    Diane Cunningham, Buff Point

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