Fun Haus commended for innovation

Creative Director Glitta Supernova and Organisation Director Juan Iocco attended the virtual eve

Ettalong-based arts and culture organisation, Naughty Noodle Fun Haus, has received a special commendation for their role in ‘innovation’ and community contributions at the Business NSW 2021 Central Coast NSW Business Awards last week.

The Haus was named as a finalist for the ‘Excellence in Innovation’ award which aims to recognise a business ‘that has made significant contributions to their industry and/or community or implemented innovative solutions for new and existing business needs’.

Creative director, Glitta Supernova, said she that without a ‘proactive’ Central Coast community, the Haus wouldn’t be where they are now.

“The Central Coast today is able to highlight without a doubt how arts and cultural resources – if only on a small scale – focusing on social equity and ongoing authentic inclusion, can benefit local and state economies by supporting job growth, stimulating commerce, generating revenue, developing communities and creating both direct employment for artists, engineers, hospitality, technology,” she said.

“But also opening the doors to the overflow economic development possibilities which are endless across accommodation, retail, food, trades and hospitality.

“As a community we have been thinking big, pushing through the additional layers that come with the territory when your involved in social change (aka there is always going to be detractors, that never stops).

“This one’s for all our awesome audiences, brave partners, amazing supporters and very very special volunteers.

“Thank you for stepping up and stepping into, what was almost three years ago, a unique little idea for a happier, healthier and more welcome Central Coast that could not only deliver ongoing world class contemporary arts and culture to the region but celebrate authentic diversity and inclusion every step of the way!”

Business NSW Regional Director, Paula Martin, said the Awards received nearly 100 applications for 10 different categories.

“The 2021 Central Coast Business Awards recognise growth, entrepreneurship, and celebrates business success and resilience,” Martin said.

“A well-deserved spotlight was shone on 52 finalists who have shown how their resilience, perseverance and sheer hard work have seen them through the very difficult year we have just had.

“These awards are a wonderful opportunity to showcase the ingenuity, strength and resilience of Central Coast NSW businesses.”

Maisy Rae

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  1. Well done to the team at Naughty Noodle Fun Haus for bringing innovative inclusive arts and culture to the Central Coast. The Business NSW award is apt recognition of the great work done by Juan, Glitta and team.

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