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View from Rumbalara Reserve, one of many assets that are part of COSS. Archive 2015

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I’d like to invite residents to take a walk in our Coastal Open Space System (COSS).

I’m the type of person that complies to the law, to signage and reasonable requests, especially to preserve special things in nature or our natural areas.

I’m inviting residents to take a walk off the usual trails in COSS during lockdown to take a look at what is hidden in our bushland – the damage and destruction.

Not the flowers and trees which, by the way, are magnificent.

Take the time to note a pink or red ribbon on a tree, or a broken sapling or damaged tree trunk and walk on the narrow track you see just beyond that.

Take time to see the extensive earth works which are invading our bushland at an ever-increasing rate.

Take time to wonder who did this and why they feel so entitled that they undertake this damage?

What motivated them to think they have the right to dig holes, build mounds, create retaining walls, break up and relocate rocks and cut down saplings to create structures for the thrill of the ride.

What gives these people the sense that they have the right to destroy endangered ecological communities and sensitive bushland for their personal trail?

Why do they feel entitled to create such devastation and take from not just us but from our children and their children the magnificent natural beauty of the bush.

It is difficult to articulate my emotions concerning this destruction, and to attempt to justify in my mind why fellow humans feel they have a right to break laws and feel justified in their actions.

The Gosford area is the way it is because of activists of the past with long-term thinking.

Determined, strong of voice, educated and passionate individuals like Allen and Beryl Strom and Marie Byles who saw the beauty and environmental value of the area.

We have a responsibility as residents and caretakers of this area to ensure these magical and magnificent places are kept and not sliced up bit by bit.

So take time to go off the official tracks and see for yourself the destruction and damage occurring.

See how they use chainsaws, spades and other tools to create their own trails while they destroy what doesn’t belong to only them or us, as we are merely the custodians for future generations.

Email, Sep 29
Joy Cooper, Green Point

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