Coast takes another spin on regional status roundabout

Wyong MP, David Harris

The State Government’s roadmap out of lockdown has met with mixed reactions because Central Coast residents, unlike others, will not be allowed to travel to regional NSW until the state reaches its 80 per cent fully vaccinated target.

The NSW Government said adjustments had been made to the 70 per cent roadmap due to ‘updated health advice’.

Parliamentary Secretary for the Central Coast, Adam Crouch, confirmed that residents would not be able to freely travel to other parts of regional NSW even after the 70 per cent target is met on October 11.

“This is because the Central Coast’s daily COVID-19 case numbers are consistently too high,” he said.

“Our region is recording approximately 30 new COVID-19 cases per day.

“This is even higher than most local government areas across Sydney.

“Clearly, we are not out of the woods.

“NSW Health has identified the growing COVID-19 case numbers on the Central Coast and in the Illawarra as two of the most concerning areas in the state.

“If our case numbers decline and if vaccination rates continue to rise between now and 11 October, I will absolutely advocate for this Health decision to be reconsidered.”

During September the Central Coast was removed from Greater Sydney for COVID health order purposes but this latest announcement appears to have ‘returned’ the Coast to being part of Greater Sydney as restrictions are eased.

Local Labor MPs said they were furious about the backflip on the Coast’s classification even if it is likely to only last two weeks and Federal Member for Robertson has also expressed concern.

Member for Gosford, Liesl Tesch, said she was angered by the decision, noting that fully vaccinated Sydney residents could travel to the Coast from October 11.

“We fought so hard to become a region, yet they’ve pushed us back in with Greater Sydney again,” Tesch said.

“We’re not allowed to travel; Newcastle is allowed to come here; Sydney is allowed to come here and yet the Government has completely taken that regional victory from Coasties and absolutely squashed us.

“There’s no health regulations pointing it out, there’s no press releases to the local media to keep Coasties informed, there’s no communication with local members of parliament.

“It’s a really disappointing … slap in the face for people on the Central Coast right now.

“If Newcastle has those case numbers and is allowed to travel, why are we locked in?

“So, lets open it up to Coasties to have that freedom to travel to the regions and let’s think about that hard Sydney border which is what we’ve been promised.”

Shadow Minister for the Central Coast, David Harris, said he too was furious about the decision.

“This Government is full of empty promises, spin and certainly no substance,” he wrote on a social media post.

“What a con – make us Regional when the regions went into lockdown, and then when it’s time to open up at 70 per cent, they then say we can’t engage in regional travel until 80 per cent?

“They put us in lockdown because we’re ‘Greater Sydney’, take our Pfizer because we’re ‘Regional’, admit we’re ‘Regional’ finally when it’s too late and we’re still in lockdown and now we’re ‘not regional enough’ so we’re given a new name ‘outer metropolitan’.”

Federal Liberal Member for Robertson, Lucy Wicks, said the NSW Government should clarify the health advice behind this decision.

“I know this is extremely disappointing news for many across the Central Coast who want to travel in line with the rest of regional NSW,” Wicks said.

“I support the NSW Government is following the health advice and if it is not safe for our region to travel, then this decision may be justified but needs to be clarified for the people of the Central Coast.

“We should not be lumped in with Greater Sydney as a matter of course.

“This is just another example of how our region is inconsistently defined by various government departments and agencies.”

From the Monday after NSW hits the 80 per cent (aged 16 and over) double dose vaccination target, eased restrictions will allow those who are fully vaccinated to have up to 10 people visit their home, participate in community sport, and access hospitality venues (where drinking while standing up will be allowed indoors).

All premises will operate at one person per four square metres indoors, and one person per two square metres outdoors.

A booking cap has been introduced for hospitality venues of 20 people per booking.

The 80 per cent roadmap will remove the limit of fully vaccinated guests for weddings and funerals and remove customer caps for personal services such as hairdressers.

From December 1, further changes will be introduced including all venues moving to the 2sqm rule, masks will not be required indoors at offices, indoor pools and nightclubs can reopen, and unvaccinated people will have greater freedoms.

More information about the Reopening NSW Roadmap can be found at:

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