Wars and words both vile

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I would like to agree very much with Gary Balzola (“What is it good for?” Chronicle Forum, Sep 1) regarding how all the world continues to suffer thanks to inept world leaders from all sides causing so much tragedy by their misguided actions that end up like (the wars in) Vietnam, Iraq and now Afghanistan.

Gary also mentioned trying to complain to TV stations regarding advertising that promotes gambling but has had a negative response.

I have also complained about these ads, with nil response.

Another complaint from me to ABC television regarding certain recent highly promoted, so called “comedy” shows, that are laced with dreadful swear words and yet are promoted as “M” for a mature audiences; recommended for those 16 years of age.

I would not like a 16-year-old hearing that vile language, let alone a mature adult.

Of course, I have not heard a reply from our ABC!

Letter, Sep 3
Phil Crowther, Gorokan

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  1. Gambling is legal. It’s everywhere. TV stations say they have a right to advertise legal products.
    Vile language on tv and in movies is legal. (Use the same language in public in NSW and you can be fined $500.)
    16 year olds? Younger children? 18+?
    Guess the task of keeping them from gambling, vile language, etc rests on the shoulders of parents, grand parents, aunts and uncles.
    Wars…there’s always someone who wants to rule the world, and take as theirs what others have. Then there are wars fought over religion and ideology.
    WW1, Ww2, Korea, Vietnam war (communism), Iraq (US had enough of Saddam and his antics…also, western nations depend on a stable supply of oil.
    Afghanistan- (AQ (based there) terrorists blew up NYC etc with hijacked planes. US decided to make them pay, and get bin Laden.
    China is threatening war with Taiwan, as part of its “One China” policy.
    China has a large and mighty military, nuclear weapons galore, Australia is basically defenceless, the folly of going around signing nuclear non-proliferation treaties and not arming itself with nukes.
    ScoMo has been able to broker the AUKUS pact recently, whereby we’ll be getting nuclear powered submarines, Britain to base some of its said submarines here in the meantime.
    We also have the ANZUS Alliance (under which former PM John Howard sent our troops to Afghanistan when the US was attacked.) Our special forces reportedly some of the first into Iraq, to secure the oil.
    Not everyone in the world is a lovely person.

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