Twenty two cases announced on Tuesday

Residents line up for a vaccination at Gosford Hospital

Tuesday September 7, 2021: 22 local residents have tested positive to COVID-19 in the 24 hours to 8pm Monday night, bringing the total local tally to 130.

Nineteen are linked to known cases. The source of infection for three cases is under investigation. Eleven cases were in the community while infectious.

Local Tally = 130

September 7, 2021

There have now been 130 local cases of COVID-19 in the Central Coast Local Health District since the start of the current outbreak.

Exposure sites

  • McDonalds Lake Haven (Goobarabah Ave, Lake Haven) o Wednesday 1 September, 11:15am to 3:30pm
    o Thursday 2 September, 7am to 11:15am
    o Friday 3 September, 10am to 3:15pm
  • Reece Plumbing Supplies West Gosford (240 Manns Rd, West Gosford) 
    • Wednesday 1 September, 8:40am to 9:10am
    •  Wednesday 1 September, 4:20pm to 4:45pm
  • Tradelink West Gosford (3 Grieve Cl, West Gosford) 
    • Wednesday 1 September, 7:15am to 7:45am

To see a full list of exposure sites in NSW visit NSW Health case locations web page.

14 Comments on "Twenty two cases announced on Tuesday"

  1. And yet you can still roam around the entire Central Coast if you like.
    The 5km rule made sense, but this anywhere in the LGA thing is ridiculous, unless we had already conceded from the outset.

  2. How’s this for a decent bloke,council worker from gosford chucks all family photos,history from manly back to ww1 and war medals ww2 and Korea makes you wonder.

  3. I was named after my uncle who was killed in Korea,but all medals have gone in the bin

  4. I have a staff member age 17 and having difficulty getting her vaccinated on Central Coast. Sydney is the only option. Any information on where on Central Coast can get done asap .thanks

    • Erina Skin Doctors near Red Rooster on western side of The Entrance Road announced they would have Pfizer for eligible patients from 21 September. May be worth a call.

  5. It astounds me to think so many positive cases infectious while in the community when they are linked to known cases these people should have been in isolation who is in charge of this decision making it is NOT working whoever they are in health they need to follow Queensland they have it right

  6. It doesn’t surprise me at all. One only has to go to Adcock Park to see why. Plenty of people strolling around, no masks, no social distancing and large groups. Very few of these people are “exercising”.

  7. Christine Anderson | September 8, 2021 at 8:01 am | Reply

    Why are these positive cases that are linked to known cases NOT in isolation? They are running around in the community infecting more people….we won’t get out of lockdown if NSW Health continue to let this happen.

  8. I believe a child has tested positive at a vhild care facility at Nth Wyong,and parents have been advised,but I can’t see any details.Does anyone know?

  9. The Central Coast was doing well until a couple of weeks ago; I’m thoroughly dismayed at the spread of cases; everyone should know by now that once Delta starts spreading it’s almost impossible to contain. I cannot believe that the NSW govt was so slow the lock down hard when cases first appeared (Bondi and Hoxton Park). This govt has definitely handed over its “gold standard” to WA and Qld. I’m thoroughly unimpressed with Gladys and co.

  10. Every afternoon around 5 pm there is at least 30 to 40 young people sitting around the Skate Park at Mascord Oval Wadalba no one is wearing masks no one is social distancing they are still there at 7pm drinking etc I have contacted the police 3 times but it still continues while young adults are doing this we will never get out of lock down

  11. If the cars and vehicles along the Central Coast Highway between East Gosford and Erina can’t obey the road speed rules, how can they be expected to follow guidelines about having lifesaving vaccine, not only for your self, your close and extended family.

  12. There was a case at 7eleven at kincumber yesterday, trying to find out what time, yet they can not tell us, also the sign in book was no where to be seen, or covered in muffins, and only 1out of 3 tradies were signing in.

  13. NSW Premier is encouraging everyone to be vaccinated immediately by October 2021. I am 68 years old and live in Central Coast. I have a pre-medical condition and was given a Doctor’s certificates 3 weeks ago to get Pfyzer. It is now 9 September and have not been vaccinated because there is no supply of Pfyzer in Central Coast. How can we achieve the target of 70% vaccinated when we have no supply of Pfyzer which is the preferred vaccine in NSW for all ages from 16 years old and above. No age discrimination except those 15 and below, please!

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