Teach the young to pay their bills


Forum –

I have just read the regular Money section in your newspaper (Should young Aussies pay off HECS debt or invest? Chronicle p22 Sept 8).

I am not a financial expert by any means and simply a working class, humble lawn mower man but this article left me gobsmacked at the maybe financially wiser decision from a purely financial perspective, versus advising young people to develop a very irresponsible attitude to money handling and debt.

I am in my 50s and brought up with an attitude of responsibility toward money, debt, people, morals.

What I have just read is without doubt encouraging young people to have a blasé attitude to debt –rack it up, it’s ok and all good to simply not pay back your chosen commitment.

I have two young adult boys and two younger stepchildren, all of which are getting taught from myself a golden rule – if you can’t afford it, don’t buy it.

The Australian Government is generous enough to offer this assistance to many young, less than fortunate people who have a dream to go out and study hard to get a well-paid career.

Then the author of the mentioned article advises those same young people to go out and have minimal morals and values in their life choices.

To put it bluntly, I was totally disgusted with this advice.

Save it for people wealthy enough to fight in the courts for not paying their bills.

Please Julia, take a rethink of the long-term impact in advising anyone at any age to not pay or postpone paying off their debts.

Email, Sep 10
Peter Banks, Springfield