School embarks on a virtual lap of the nation

Students and staff have now crossed the Queensland border and landed at Rockhampton

Brisbane Water Secondary College (BWSC) Umina students and staff are participating in a virtual race around Australia aimed at keeping students active during lockdown.

As part of a new ‘adventure’ in Sport and Physical Education lessons, students are attempting to run, row, ride or swim around Australia in just three weeks.

BWSC staff said they have also been inspired by the students’ efforts and have joined the race.

Although the school is working together to complete a full lap around the country, individual year groups will battle it out against each other each week.

As of Monday, September 6, students have moved across the Queensland border and landed in Rockhampton, totalling 1600km as an entire school.

Although latecomers to the race, BWSC staff have overtaken Year 7 and have now travelled 830 kilometres as a team.

Each week, the school’s sporting department provides students with a range of physical and mental challenges, with each challenge allocated a certain number of points.

Students must complete one challenge every day to reach at least 1000 points by the end of the week.

Social media, Sep 6
BWSC Umina