Sandra hopes ‘Carecrows’ line our streets

As many Central Coast residents struggle with the restrictions of the ongoing lockdown in the region, one Coastie has set out to make a difference.

Sandra Sims is determined to put smiles on dials and has created a “Carecrow” outside her home in the hope the idea will spread throughout the region.

As people take to walking the streets around their homes for a bit of exercise, Sims is hoping the home-fashioned figure will brighten their day.

“I got the idea when I noticed more walkers,” Sims said.

“Lockdown has been hard for a lot of people so I thought I would do something out of the box to make people smile as they pass.

“People love it; the response has been great from young and old.

“My grandson usually attends a very special school – Hopetown at Wyong – which has a very dedicated team of staff who are also busily making Carecrows.

“Mine is a little the worse for wear with the rain and wind, but as soon as the weather clears I will repair him.”

While Sims is based in the north of the region, at Hamlyn Terrace, she is hoping the idea will take off all over the Central Coast.

“I really do hope the idea catches on and we see Carecrows dotting our streets, schools and business fronts,” she said.

“The best way to make yourself feel good is to make others feel good.

“Let’s put smiles on faces; who’s in?”

If you decide to join Sims’s campaign, send images of your Carecrows to

Terry Collins

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  1. What’s the point in posting covid warnings about Northern CC when it is dated early August. We need to know what is happening now

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