More vaccine is coming says Wicks

Member for Robertson, Lucy Wicks

The COVID-19 vaccine rollout is to be bolstered on the Central Coast with additional vaccines headed to the region and 40 more GPs coming on board with Pfizer in September.

Federal Member for Robertson, Lucy Wicks, said supplies would be further boosted with the Moderna vaccine expected to arrive in the region this month as well.

Yet there are still concerns that the number of Pfizer vaccines will fall short to ensure everyone who wants a vaccination can get one.

The NSW Premier promised further freedoms for the fully vaccinated from September 13 but with only days to go until then, less than half of Central Coast residents have received their second dose.

Already 72 per cent of people aged over 15 have received a single dose and 40.7 per cent are fully vaccinated.

Parliamentary Secretary for Central Coast, Adam Crouch, said in the past week alone he had received more than a thousand messages and emails about the shortage of Pfizer vaccines.

“Last week the Deputy Premier said there are many people in regional NSW, including the Central Coast, that are being ‘held hostage’ by the lack of Pfizer vaccines and I completely agree with him,” Crouch said.

“It’s not fair to tell students under the age of 18, pregnant women, and people with medical contraindications to only get vaccinated with Pfizer when there are almost no Pfizer vaccines available on the Central Coast.

“I welcome the Federal Government’s announcement of more Pfizer vaccines … and I hope that the Central Coast receives its fair share as quickly as possible.

“At Gosford Hospital, the Central Coast Local Health District even has the equivalent of a mass vaccination clinic ready and waiting to operate but there simply isn’t enough supply,” Crouch said.

Wicks said Coast residents should see more vaccine bookings available with an extra 40 GPs joining the Pfizer rollout and currently there were 110 vaccination providers in the LGA including more than 70 general practices, 44 pharmacies, one Commonwealth Vaccination Clinic and one Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation.

“There is ample supply of Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca), with many in our community getting a booking within days,” she said.

The Moderna vaccine has been approved for children as young as 12, to be dispensed from pharmacies from September 20.

Pfizer has been approved for those aged 16 to 40 right now, and for 12-to-15-year-olds from September 13.

Sue Murray

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  1. Paula Newman | September 9, 2021 at 6:30 pm |

    I’m sick to death of getting no reports on over 60s. There are thousands of us waiting for age discrimination to be addressed, we want to choose our vaccine like everyone else. When will we get to choose Mrna vaccine?

  2. We are all being treated like mushrooms …Kept in the dark and fed Bull excrement is about time our elected pollies get on to working for their constituents….I am 76 years of age …living on my own I want Pfizer or Moderna only

  3. Hi I have the 2 health concerns associated with AZ, as well as other issues, yet I’m told to just take the chance and have it. So not fair. I want Moderna or Pfizer.
    Why do over 60s always miss out. We do contribute to society $$ wise as well.

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