Desalination plant would be a waste of money

desalination plantPort Stanvac Desalination Plant in South Australia. Image: Wikicommons

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Central Coast Council is currently seeking to waste more money on a Desalination Plant.

The Water Security Plan is currently out for consultation until September 28.

My understanding is that Central Coast Council is broke, yet someone in the Council seems determined to build a Water Desalination Plant in case we get a massive drought.

First a resident survey was conducted with an obvious slant to support the preferred approach of having a desalination plant.

The whole concept seems to be based on some misleading data including: population growth being 50 per cent higher than historical averages; assumed increased water use per person rather than the actual reduction of the last 20 years; assuming climate change will reduce rainfall when it is actually increasing; the 20 per cent recent increase in storage capacity at Mangrove Dam which now gives us 6.5 years water without any inflows; and no consideration of the infrastructure now in place to pump water from Wyong Creek to Mangrove Dam (which can actually use excess solar power during the day).

Please have a look at the draft Water Security Plan and let the Council know that we don’t want them wasting our rates on a white elephant that will never be used.

Email, Sep 8
Scott Jones, Somersby

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