CWA needs $600 to secure its flags and rigging

CWA Woy Woy is asking for community support to help pay for a new flag

UPDATE: After this article featured in the Pelican Post an anonymous donor has given funds to replace the flag. The Country Women’s Association Woy Woy branch has put the call out for the community to help pay for the replacement of their Aboriginal flag which was stolen last year.

Branch president Jane Bowtell said the flag will continue to be stolen until the flagpole is strung with stainless steel instead of rope.

“The thief cut down and removed the rigging, meaning we cannot fly another flag until we get the pole re-strung,” Bowtell said.

“He was arrested and appeared in court later admitting to the theft and ordered to pay for the re-rigging.
“To date, no money has been paid and we doubt that we will ever see the funds.

“The year before we had to have the other pole re-strung due to that being cut and the Australian Flag stolen.
“So we decided that with the wharf redevelopment and COVID lockdowns to wait a while and get both poles re-strung with aluminium rigging that is not easily cut.

“To do this it will cost us $600 and because we have had no revenue for the past 11 weeks, and even less last year, we are asking if the community could help us fund the project.”

Last year’s theft was the third time the flag has been stolen, with the association’s CCTV catching the thief.

Bowtell said any donations would be welcomed.

“If you can spare a few dollars please deposit donations to our account, and reference the deposit ‘flag’” she said.

“To any other thieves out there that may think about stealing either of our flags, please don’t, it’s not worth the effort.

“If you want either flag please go to the office of your local Federal MP where they are available free of charge.”

The bank details of CWA Woy Woy are:

Account name: Woy Woy Country Women’s Association

BSB: 032 527

Account number: 280367

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