Cook three courses to help beat breast cancer

Sharon Stevenson with wife Michelle

The oncological clinical trial group Breast Cancer Trials will encourage food lovers all over the country to stay in this October and enter the 3 Course Challenge to support breast cancer research.

One of the first to sign up for the culinary fundraiser was Central Coast resident Sharon Stevenson, who hopes to help save lives, ‘one tasty course ate a time’.

“I want to help protect the one in seven women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime,” Stevenson said.

“This challenge is important to me as my wife Michelle was diagnosed with three different stages of breast cancer in March 2020.

“The life-saving treatment that Michelle received and is still undergoing to beat breast cancer is made possible with the breast cancer clinical trials.

“By donating to my page, you’ll help fund clinical trials that are finding new ways to treat, prevent and ultimately cure breast cancer.

“For the past 18 months I have cherished every day with my beautiful wife more than ever; every day is such a precious gift and witnessing her journey has been a driving factor for me supporting Breast Cancer Trials.

“Since Michelle’s diagnosis of three separate tumours in her left breast, her team have carefully structured a treatment plan specifically targeted to treat the type of breast cancer Michelle was diagnosed with.

“After four surgeries, chemotherapy treatments, radiotherapy treatments and ongoing monitoring, Michelle is well on her way to being (as healthy as) possible and enjoying every day.

“She is confident that ongoing research is being done to ensure every woman diagnosed with breast cancer has the best chance of survival.”

The fundraising initiative invites Australians to take on the challenge of cooking a three-course Indian feast, supported by a livestreamed virtual cooking class on October 16 conducted by top chef, former MasterChef contestant and TV personality, Sarah Todd.

Dinner party hosts will reach out to their networks of friends and family to encourage them to donate to Breast Cancer Trials research and dinner parties can be held anytime until November 30 (restrictions permitting).

If hosts are under lockdown restrictions, cooking for their household or hosting a virtual dinner party via a platform like Zoom are also ways to be involved.

Details on being a dinner party host can be found at

To contribute to Sharon Stevenson’s fundraising efforts go to

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