Coastal Twist blasts into 2022

Photos: Lisa Haymes

Organisers of the Coastal Twist Festival have plotted their path out of the pandemic and have a new plan to host the annual festival.

The festival, which was originally scheduled to return over the October Long Weekend, first opened its doors in 2019 to 7,000 people in a burst of colour, camp and cinema.

Festival Director, Glitta Supernova, said the event would now be held in January.

“Like most festivals around the country, Coastal Twist had to reimagine the how and why and we decided cancelation was not an option but pushing the festival out by almost four months would mean we could forge ahead and keep everyone safe with adjusted plans for a midsummer [festival],” Supernova said.

“[It will be a] five-day, all ages, accessible, free and ticketed event from January 19 to 23, to accompany future October dates.

“It’s important that we continue with the positive momentum already generated toward a more visibly equitable and welcoming Coastie community who are part of the planet as global citizens.

Photos: Lisa Haymes

“The festival has positioned itself as the catalyst for new perceptions of a more welcoming Central Coast, and a Coast which is showing its best side, both to its neighbours and its visitors.

“That’s how regional healing and growth has opportunity to blossom, our vessel is world class contemporary and inclusive offerings which engage, educate, support and unite the entire community as well as amplify and promote our local economy.

“We would love everyone onboard!”

Supernova said locals can participate in the festival by enlisting in a variety of events.

“Head over to the participate tab on our Coastal Twist website: enlist your pooch in the Puparazzi Pooch Parade, enter the surf event, become a sponsor or volunteer, have a stall at our community fair day, apply to enter the art show, enter your business in the window display competition or have your own event as part of our Twisted Experiences,” Supernova said.

“This festival is breaking ground in the continuing work for disarming the thinking that difference is somehow bad – difference is not only normal but the biological basis of every living and breathing thing.

“So, no matter who you are or where you’re from, we welcome you to sign up, frock up and rock up to our Coastal Twist LGBTIQ Arts & Culture festival, our biggest Coastie celebration of difference, diversity and dazzle!”

More information about the festival is available at:

Media release, Sep 2
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