Chef shares fine dining recipes

Craig Etches

Home cooks can now get a taste of the top 10 dishes by executive chef, Craig Etches, as voted by his dining clientele at Glengara retirement community in Tumbi Umbi.

He said compiling a recipe book was a bit of a challenge requiring exact measurements and some alterations, because he cooks by feel, and doesn’t normally use a recipe.

“I’ve been doing this for 25 years now, so I know what is going to work well together,” Etches said.

“I had to dig up some of my old books and actually write down how much of this and how much of that.

“I try to inject as much flavour as possible into every meal and I like to use what we have on hand, what is in season, and what is available from the Glengara vegetable gardens.

Etches’s new recipe book features the top 10 favourites of the Glengara residents, including Moroccan spiced lamb pizza, lemon thyme barramundi, Thai yellow bean prawn curry and slow cooked beef wellington.

Each recipe in the book reflects Etches’ mission to offer dishes for the retirement residents that would hold their own at any of the Coast’s fine dining establishments.

“There are some considerations when it comes to preparing our meals but they don’t have to be bland,” he said.

“Its about taking traditional meals and making them fancier.

“For instance, with the roast pumpkin risotto, I sear some chicken in a blend of anchovy oil, basil oil, chilli oil and garlic oil and then bake it.

“It is then shredded and served on top of the risotto and roasted pumpkin.”

Glengara Care Manager, Suzanne Bosworth, said they focused on flipping traditional notions about food for retirees.

“Mealtimes here are such a huge part of our residents’ days for both the food and the chance to join everyone else in the dining room.

“It is so important that each meal is appealing,” Bosworth said.

The recipe book is available online on Glengara Care’s website.

Media release, Sep 14
Glengara Care