Toukley sewage surveillance program uncovers COVID again

Water testing . Image: Wikicommons

Central Coast Local Health District is advising that NSW’s ongoing sewage surveillance program has again detected fragments of the virus that causes COVID-19 at the Toukley Sewage Treatment Plant.

The sample was taken on Monday, 2 August at the sewage treatment plant which serves an area of about 29,000 people in suburbs including Budgewoi, Buff Point, Canton Beach, Halekulani, Magenta, Norah Head, Noraville, Toukley, Tuggerawong, Wyongah, Kanwal, Gorokan and Lake Haven.

These detections are particularly concerning as they could indicate undetected, active COVID- 19 cases in the community. There are currently no known cases in these areas.

Anyone living or working in these areas is urged to be particularly vigilant for any symptoms of COVID-19. If even the mildest of symptoms appear, please get tested immediately and isolate until a negative result is received.

Verified information source: Media Release, Central Coast Local Health District August 4, 2021.

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  1. covid19 has been racing through New South Wales Particularly Central Coast because of Hill Song members and Business owners who are advising workers and customers not to get tested for covid19,

    Even Job Agencies staff have been using heavily tactics and reverse Psychology nonsense telling unemployed covid19 wont affect them and they do not need to wear their masks at appointments which are now suspend and but they keep trying to risk people life’s by telling them to apply for jobs and attend interviews against the health advice and the lock down orders.

    It is no wonder we are seeing such extreme high numbers appearing in New South Wales which liberal/ nationals have managed badly from day one.

    Prime Minister and his nut job mates are not helping Australia get on top of this outbreak with their mixed messages to business and religion organisations that vote for them.

    Its time for Australia to go into full lock down and stop all movements for 4 weeks including shutting down supermarkets who are now spreading the virus in the community we need to do what China is doing shutting down everything non medical and non essential which is all forms of business itself only having military and medical on duty which is the correct approach to this pandemic as Vaccination itself will not stop the spread nor reduce it now as Delta is mutating into very deadly strain.

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