The not-so-public inquiry

Roslyn McCulloch, Independent Commissioner

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Why is the so called “public” inquiry into Central Coast Council being conducted largely in secret (“Nine suspended Councillors make submissions”, CCN 6 August)?

The only reason given so far for not publishing any of the submissions, namely that some may include defamatory comments, is simply not credible.

Any defamatory material could easily be redacted before the submissions are published.

Defamation is a feeble excuse for a blanket ban on the publication of all submissions.

How on earth can this be a “public” inquiry if all of the submissions and most of the evidence is kept secret?

How can the public know whether there was evidence pointing to alternative conclusions to those eventually reached by the Commissioner if most of the evidence never sees the light of day?

For example, the Terms of Reference were drafted by State Government and the Commissioner appointed by State Government – so in the absence of full transparency how will anyone know if there was evidence pointing the finger at State Government as the regulator of Councils that was ignored?

Holding most of the inquiry in secret will increase community scepticism that this State Government inquiry was always just a ruse to head off the genuinely independent judicial inquiry that 22,400 petitioned for.

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Kevin Brooks, Kincumber

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  1. It sounds like political white wash ‘Public enquiry ‘ in name only! Questions not able to be asked (because it may point the finger at State government!) Answers redacted and no action taken therefore no one in authority takes the blame. They will not get to the bottom of the financial crisis because they don’t want the answer to be published. Subterfuge obfuscation and political tactics is all we will get. How much will this ‘Clayton’s enquiry ‘ cost and who will bear that cost who do you think? Ratepayers again. The State government minister for local government has not been seen or heard of since she parroted the Administrators comment blame the sitting Councillors! So her office and the Local Government audit office skip any responsibilities. The truth is a rare commodity and you won’t get it from the State government.

  2. Best not to leave a comment it won’t be printed. Just wonder why?

  3. Phyllis DRAPER | August 22, 2021 at 12:23 pm |

    Are the police anywhere involved in any investigation of breach of the laws, fraud theft, illegal off shore accounts, possibly involved anywhere in this farce.

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