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I have some good news for Wyong ratepayers.

I have just received my latest annual rate notice with a total cost of $1856, a saving of $163.

Note also the following calculations for the next two years/three years of 15 per cent increase: $1859 x 15 per cent = $279pa = $2138; $2138 x 15 per cent = $320pa = $2458.

Note if there was only a three per cent increase for this year and next two years with no harmonisation with Gosford: $2202 x 3 per cent = $60pa = $2082; $2082 x 3 per cent = $62pa = $2144; $2144 x 3 per cent = $65 pa =$2209

The overall increase for Wyong ratepayers under the 15 per cent for three years is only $249 pa.

Unfortunately for Gosford ratepayers, they will suffer initially, however they have been paying far less than Wyong for many years.

I’m very happy with this outcome.

In regard to the referendum, a friend suggested to have it at the same time as the election, if ratepayers vote for nine councillors instead of 15, then the top nine get through.

Email, Aug 3
Phil Morrison, Bateau Bay

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  1. Anna Kastaneas | August 24, 2021 at 3:34 pm |

    I think it is dusgusting that the Council will close the animal facility in favour if another entity. Where do you think the animals will end up now. Watch the next Council elections.

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