New program will see old bins and other goods recycled

A new $5.1M program at the Sulo facility at Somersby, funded by the State and Federal Governments and industry, will see old kerbside bins and other goods recycled to create new bins ahead of the region’s possible introduction of the FOGO service.

A Central Coast Council report last year found that 59 per cent of what now goes in the region’s red bins is food scraps and garden waste, or Food Organics and Garden Organics, which can go into the green bin.

In September 2020, Council adopted its inaugural Waste Resource Management Strategy, which included provision to investigate the introduction of a FOGO service for the Central Coast.

“The introduction of a FOGO service and accompanying technology solution is identified as a key step in diverting waste away from landfill,” a Council spokesperson said.

“There are a number of stages in the investigation and planning phase that need be reached before a commitment to a particular processing technology and procurement of processing solutions can be undertaken.

“Council is investigating how we can make FOGO work for our community through regional opportunities as well as within the Council Local Government Area.

“This is a multi-year project in its early phase.”

The new Sulo bins will be used to replace some existing ones and provide additional bins.

Executive General Manager Sales, Marketing and Innovation for the Pact Group, which owns Sulo, Siobhan McCrory, said old bins were already recycled but other materials needed to be recycled to help make the new bins.

“We need to future proof recycling,” she said.

“This will enable manufacturing to support plans to roll out FOGO.

“The upgrade will enable higher inclusion of recycled content in scheduled wheelie bin replacements as well as support the roll out of additional household bins for food and organics.”

The Sulo project is one of 22 state-wide to benefit from $24M in funding aimed at increasing NSW’s recycling capacity by 120,000 tonnes each year.

Federal Member for Robertson, Lucy Wicks, said the new project at the Somersby Sulo facility will recycle old kerbside bins and materials such as bottle caps back into mobile garbage bins.

“The upgrades to moulding equipment at (the) facility means our region will be playing its part in transforming our recycling capacity,” Wicks said.

“The Australian and NSW Governments have co-invested over $2M for this project, and industry has contributed a further $3.1M.”

Media release, Aug 9
Member for Robertson, Lucy Wicks
Media statement, Aug 11
Siobhan McCrory, Pact Group