New aged care home makes excellence finals

Hakea Grove resident Alexis Marceau with Lifestyle team member Mel Kassabian

Hamlyn Terrace Aged Care Facility, Hakea Grove, was nominated as a finalist for the Leading Aged Services Australia (LASA) Excellence In Aged Services Awards held on August 7 for Aged Care Employee Day.

Hakea Grove’s Nurse Practitioner, Claire Abbott, was also nominated as a finalist for her work at the aged care facility.

Hakea Grove’s CEO, Jo Heslin, said it was an honour and privilege for both the Hakea Grove Team and Claire Abbott.

“I am so very proud of the team and all they have achieved in providing an outstanding service in a home where people truly matter,” Heslin said.

“Aged Care Employee Day is a national day to celebrate our unsung heroes, the people who work in Australia’s aged care industry,” she said.

“Hakea Grove will be celebrating each and every team member involved in the journey of caring for our residents.

“The last year has been a challenging one and they continue to remain committed, caring and full of joy each day.”

To celebrate the nomination, Heslin will be holding a grazing plate celebration for all staff to enjoy and treats and messages from Hakea Grove residents will be shared in a COVID-safe manner.

“We are so very proud of the Hakea Grove team not just making it through to the LASA Excellence in Aged Care Service Awards of 2021, but for the difference each and everyone makes every day in both our residents’ and their families’ lives.

“I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you and gratitude to not only the Hakea Grove team for their dedication and compassion in caring for our beautiful residents but also to all the unsung heroes in Australia’s Aged Service Industry.

“Thank you for caring and for your tireless efforts during the difficult times COVID-19 has presented us with,” Heslin said.

Hakea Grove is a newly-built aged care facility that offers permanent residential and respite care.

The facility has 150 beds and offers a Memory Care unit for dementia patients.

Media release, Aug 3
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