How to design a street

Central Coast Council is in the process of developing a Street Design Manual for the region to provide a set of design principles and a technical specification that will guide the development of inviting streets and public spaces.

The manual will be an easy-to-understand toolkit which will help with the coordination and consistency of materials, furnishings and design and construction standards within the public domain.

“We hope this will help streamline procurement, operational and maintenance processes within Council and provide private developers and other public authorities with a set of consistent design standards to achieve the best outcomes for the Central Coast’s streets and public spaces,” a spokesperson said.

“The quality of streets and public space is important because it can enhance liveability and make people feel safe.

“The quality of a public space is not just based on how it is designed and maintained, but also on the activities it supports and the significance it holds for the community.”

The first phase of the Street Design Manual and Landscape Works Construction Specification is expected to be finished early next year, following community consultation.

Terry Collins