Hart must clarify ‘unlawful’ matters

Rik HartRik Hart - Council Administrator. Image CCN, June 2021

Forum –

I received my rate notice and with anticipation I opened it and saw that the proposed increase had started, however it was the glossy brochure enclosed that caught my attention.

The Administrator’s Message, paragraph six, was the interesting part and not quoting all of it I refer to line 3/4: “sufficient to repay the internally and externally reserves unlawfully used”.

With my policing background I thought, well some sort of crime has been committed so it would follow that there may be charges and someone will be held to account.

Funny, but I haven’t heard of someone being investigated or charged from anyone either in the Council, Government, the Administrator number one or two, so what has happened?

Well, let’s hear from someone that can clear up this message from Mr Hart, who is declaring that something “unlawful” has taken place, maybe Mr Hart himself can put out an update on this “unlawful” event and what has occurred.

I have seen this type of thing happen many times before; such as re-labelling of the matter, an accounting error, can’t establish who to affix blame to, person/persons have retired, not in the public interest to pursue, an error in quoting someone, or, too hard, don’t want to do it make it go away and choose the easy way out.

Come on Mr Hart, let us see that you are earning that handsome salary and you have the drive and honesty to bring those person/s responsible for this “unlawful” action to account.

I won’t hold my breath.

Email, Aug 7
Peter Caddy, Blue Haven