Feedback will assist planning future art events

Pearl Beach Arboretum has put the call out to members and participants in the Pearl Beach Ephemeral Art Trail (PBEAT) to give their feedback on the event to help plan future experiences.

The inaugural PBEAT event, which was held from Friday, June 11 until Saturday, July 10, featured 16 ephemeral artworks by artists or groups of artists and five community installations on display which were inspired by the Arboretum site.

Secretary Mary Knaggs said the survey would assist the Arboretum in running and planning similar events in the future.

“We would really appreciate your feedback on the 2021 PBEAT event,” Knaggs said.

“We had comments at the time that indicated the event was well received by the community and by participating artists and community groups.

“There are only nine questions and it should only take you a few minutes.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the participating artists, community groups, volunteers and the Pearl Beach Arboretum Management Committee for their help and support with PBEAT 2021.”

Survey responses are due by 5pm on Wednesday, August 18.

The link to the survey is:

Media statement, Aug 8
Pearl Beach Arboretum

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  1. I really enjoyed my visit to the arboretum in June. I found the sculptures very interesting and many were complicated in their design and choice of natural medium. I would like to see these displays continue as the venue is lovely and peaceful whilst walking and enjoying the setting

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