Doggy day care coming to Gosford

Squawks Pet Store at 98 Showground Rd, Gosford, is hoping to expand into 96 Showground Rd, adding puppy pre-school and doggy day care, dog grooming and caged pet boarding to the range of services offered.

The proposal is to expand within an existing building, a warehouse opposite the railway line in an industrial area.

The expanded operation would include six dedicated dog pens 2m x 3m for day-time accommodation; a fenced enclosure 7m x 12m as a secure training enclosure/puppy pre-school; dog grooming bay; and the use of an existing air-conditioned office space for boarding of caged pets such as birds and mice, guinea pigs, rabbits and reptiles.

In a development application to Central Coast Council, the business said that the planned and continuing increase in residential densities within the Gosford CBD, and particularly within the “hospital precinct”, brings an increased demand for companion animals together with their nourishment, care and training.

“The management and staff of Squawks Pet Shop has witnessed an increase in demand for the range of services provided and identified the need for Doggy Day Care/Obedience Training and short-term accommodation for caged pets in addition to the increasing marketplace expectations, products and accessories,” the application to Council for permission states.

Nearby businesses or residents have been notified of the plan and have until August 25 to comment.

Central Coast Council DA Tracker
DA 62172/2021