Central Coast to split from Greater Sydney in Public Health Orders – Deputy Premier offers hope for early lockdown release for the Coast

Deputy Premier John Barilaro

Deputy Premier John Barilaro gave some hope that the Central Coast might see COVID-19 restrictions eased in coming weeks, with the announcement that the region, along with Shellharbour, will now be classed as regional NSW (as opposed to Greater Sydney) for Public Health Orders.

While regional NSW is set to remain in lockdown, along with Greater Sydney, until the end of August, Barilaro indicated in an exclusive interview with Coast Community News that regional restrictions could ease thereafter.

“Obviously we are very concerned with protecting the Central Coast from Sydney – and it also has connections to Newcastle,” Barilaro said.

“Sewage detection at Bateau Bay still worries us, but I am confident that by next Saturday we will be taking a local government approach to lifting restrictions in regional NSW.”

Any loosening of restrictions would take into account case numbers, sewage surveillance and the situation in neighbouring LGAs.

Barilaro said extra protection for the Central Coast would come from the introduction of permits which those leaving Greater Sydney for the Coast for essential reasons will have to obtain through Service NSW and display prominently on their windshields from August 21.

“Anyone leaving Sydney for the Central Coast must have been tested seven days prior,” he said.

Barilaro said vaccination news from the Central Coast was good, with multiple vaccination sites available.

He said 55 per cent of Coast residents had received one vaccination and 27.5 per cent had received double vaccination.

“This is on par with the State average so the trajectory is good to keep those jabs in line with Sydney,” he said.

Meanwhile, Premier Gladys Berejiklian said expectations were high that the state would achieve 80 per cent vaccination levels by mid-November, which would give greater freedom in loosening restrictions.

As far as a return to school for Central Coast students, Berejiklian said many more doses of the Pfizer vaccine would be available in September which high school students will be able to access.

“But in relation to school and the rural and regional communities, as the Deputy Premier said and the health experts have said, it really depends on the case numbers in rural and regional communities,” she said.

“We have used a model in the past where there has been a separation from Sydney and the regions and if that is safe from a health perspective we’ll do that.”


The full interview with
Deputy Premier John Barilaro is available

7 Comments on "Central Coast to split from Greater Sydney in Public Health Orders – Deputy Premier offers hope for early lockdown release for the Coast"

  1. If I live on the Coast, but need to go to a hotspot LGA for work do I need to apply for Permit? If yes, could.a link be provided

  2. Tassin Barnard | August 22, 2021 at 5:58 am |

    This is my worry. As our covid-world income is mostly from Sydney visitors, if we come out of lockdown before Sydney, we won’t make enough money to pay our bills and we won’t be able to give our staff enough shifts to pay their bills. So, will financial support for individuals continue (I mean the federally funded income support for individuals that depends on us being classified as a hotspot)? I know the NSW funded business support will continue, but what about personal income support? Being taken out of the Greater Sydney bubble might not be all good news for our Central Coast community.

  3. David Joseph DRAPER | August 22, 2021 at 12:18 pm |

    Self discipline, consideration for each other and compliance with the rules made by the leaders we elected, It will see us through. Leave those that will not comply to be dealt with by the authorities, also elected by us and so be it.

  4. JanSvensson | August 22, 2021 at 12:35 pm |

    Empire Bay “Marina”
    When can we get rid of this pollutant eyesore? and get our park back.
    It is now proven that this eyesore have been polluting our waterway for years, the shack is falling apart and should be removed ASAP

  5. Alan Whelan | August 23, 2021 at 12:02 pm |

    Each and everyone of the idiots who are breaking the rules should not only be fined, they should also be jailed. If they refuse to pay the fines send in the bailiff’s (This I do not agree with) but they broke the rules And it really is about time nationalities that are the biggest breakers were named. Most people know from where the outbreaks are where people come from. Name and shame seems to be the only way. And yes I can guarantee some of you out there are going to use the R word against me. Well carry on as i do not think I am, I am just being honest.

  6. Allan you are totally correct in your statement only have to watch the footage of the 60 plus at the church service in west sydney and what minister was preaching this guy should do time no excuse for what he was doing great work mate keep calling it out

  7. Alan Cromwell | August 26, 2021 at 11:49 am |

    I believe Central Coast should not be a part of grater Sydney we have the River to cross
    if the Police checked at the entrance to central Coast or Gosford, we could be free of
    Coved 19

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