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I am a 78-year-old woman who lives alone on the Central Coast.

My three daughters, whom I haven’t seen or hugged in over a year because of COVID, are scattered around the state of NSW.

We keep in touch regularly with the use of technology, but it isn’t the same.

Today I had a visitor!

One of my daughters, who is a paramedic and lives near Penrith, joined other paramedics on Facebook all over Australia to make a pledge to look after each other’s isolated loved ones during lockdown.

Felicity put out a call for a paramedic who lives on the Central Coast to see if I needed help with anything.

Within minutes she had a response.

Marie, a complete stranger, offered to do a contactless delivery of flowers and some cakes.

She refused any payment saying that someone was doing the same for her mum.

Felicity, Marie and I were all able to talk to each other on FaceTime together with my three gorgeous grandsons.

These people are legends!

They are angels in a blue uniform, and I am so proud of them all.

They see the best and the worst of humanity and we should all be so grateful to have them in our lives.

What these amazing people are doing is bringing love and joy into a dark divided world.

Email, Aug 23
Val Renno, Kariong

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  1. Only the innocent suffer as a result of the inactions of the government’s to stem the spread and mutation of this virus from the very beginning when advise from experience infectious disease specialists were freely given. And the continual shifting goal posts of daily broadcast clearly shows instability within. Then to use a militaristic approach in the guise of the health pandemic is setting dangerous precedence. People and friends have not seen each other for years, as in my case, I’ve not had anyone visit since 2019 at the initial lockdown and my aged dad in her 90s, we’ve all not seen for nearly 3.5 years yet struggles on his own. He wonders when this will end..

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