9 cases and climbing on Central Coast

Lake Munmorah Public School. Image: CCN

Central Coast Local Health District can confirm a total of nine cases of COVID-19 had been identified in the region as of mid day August 5, 2021.

Eight cases reside in the same household. One case is included in today’s numbers. Seven household contacts of this case were identified and have now also tested positive for COVID-19. Investigations are ongoing into the source of the infection.

This information comes as COVID-19 fragments were also detected at Woy Woy and Charmhaven Sewage Treatment Plants.

As of August 5, a number of new local Central Coast locations have been identified as COVID-19 exposure sites.

These include the Lake Munmorah Public School, which is closed for on-site learning today to allow for deep cleaning and contact tracing. All staff and students have been asked to self-isolate until they receive further advice.

Anyone who attended the following venues at the times listed is a casual contact who must immediately get tested and isolate until a negative result is received.

If your date of exposure at this venue occurred in the past four days, you must get another test on day five from the date of exposure. Wear a mask around others and limit your movements until you get another negative result.

You should continue to monitor for symptoms and if any symptoms occur, get tested again:

  • Lake Haven Centre, Lake Haven Drive & Goobarabah Avenue, Lake Haven: o Tuesday 3 August, 9.00am – 9.30am
  • Lake Munmorah Shopping Centre, Kemira Rd. Lake Munmorah: o Saturday 31 July, 9.15am – 9.40am

Verified information sources: Media release, August 5, 2021 – Central Coast Local Health District

22 Comments on "9 cases and climbing on Central Coast"

  1. Robert Daniels | August 6, 2021 at 12:40 pm |

    We live at Bateau Bay and have reported Covid Breaches 3 times i phone Crime Stoppers give all the information and they say we will pass it onto the Police but nothing happens either Crime Stoppers are not doing there JOB or the Police are not doing there JOB. When Covid really hits the Central Coast we are in Big Trouble People don.t sorry Give A Shit its Happening every Day

  2. You call crime stoppers?
    Well aren’t you a model citizen.
    Go and collect your blue ribbon.
    You should be so proud of yourself.

    • Joanne Allen | August 6, 2021 at 3:58 pm |

      Yes he should we are in this together and the more people dont do the right thing we stay in lockdown and more people die I just dont understand why people refuse to do the right thing it is not hard I am over lockdown like everyone else hope you never hzve to see anyone suffer from this virus

    • This is exactly the lame attitude that spreads COVID. Why don’t you become a model citizen you uneducated ignorant fool.

    • Anti Karen. I believe you are the irresponsible one. I do hope you don’t ever know a loved one that passes because the delta strain was given to them by someone irresponsible like yourself and those others are not taking the lockdown seriously.

  3. tired-of-trouble-makers | August 6, 2021 at 3:06 pm |

    Robert Daniels- I 100% agree with you and applaud your actions. It is really disappointing when many people like us are following and respect the rules, but other selfish people don’t care about the health of their neighbours or community. These selfish people (ie “Anti-karen-triple mask”) seem to go out of their way to cheat the system, and berate and mock good honest people doing the right thing: these selfish buggers should be ashamed of themselves. But Thankyou Robert for speaking up.

  4. Fully vaccinated Senior | August 6, 2021 at 5:04 pm |

    Well anti Karen triple mask that is what responsible citizens are supposed to do. Keep it up Robert Daniels. The sooner people take responsibility and do the right thing the sooner we will be out of this pandemic.

  5. I applaud you Robert Daniels, you have notified the authorities as these ignorant, selfish people are putting others in danger. Don’t listen to negative anti Vaxers, if they themselves get the virus I bet they would knock you down getting to the hospital. Thank you for being a good citizen.and you certainly should be proud of yourself👍Good job.

  6. Yes Robert you are a hero anti karen might not care if covid becomes full blown up hesr but I do so thank you I’m very annoyed that the police are doing nothing about it

  7. Treva Anderson | August 6, 2021 at 7:30 pm |

    You need to mind your own business mr Daniels

  8. Hassib eljerban | August 6, 2021 at 8:24 pm |

    Our central coast CEO farmer is a joke .please resign, people on the coast can not afford to pay you.please leave ASAP.

  9. Leanne Crowther | August 6, 2021 at 9:15 pm |

    I can’t believe how selfish the younger generation are!! They are so caught up doing selfies having mental health issues as they call it these days They can’t go and have their covid jabs! This can save lives maybe even their parents or grandparents lives! EVERY SINGLE SELFISH PERSON CAUGHT BREAKING THE RULES NEED TO BE LOCKED UP!! We can do this easily make shift lock up areas with 24 hour guards! A fine does nothing to deter these selfish idiots!!! Maybe they might wake up to themselves!! I would gladly be a guard for free!!! I might start naming and shaming people I know that don’t want any jabs cause they can’t be bothered!! Good on all the sensible people for doing the right thing!!!

  10. Even the police aren’t wearing masks, therefore no one in our street is wearing masks! We are doomed!

  11. What the hell is Anti Karyn Triple Mask waffling on about? I was going to say if anyone deserves to get it………….. But no, I don’t want anyone to get it. If we all just get the jab we’ll knock this pandemic over very quickly. If we have ratbag lunatics saying not to get the jab, it’s going to take a hell of a long time to beat. And if the ratbags have their way, they will get it first. Have a nice life idiots.

  12. Alf Arnold | August 7, 2021 at 4:51 pm |

    I totally agree, they need to be locked up or taken out to Lion island with a fishing line and a box of matches and self-support themselves for 4 weeks.

  13. Tanya Wescombe | August 8, 2021 at 7:10 am |

    For anyone to walk around any area without wearing a mask or not social distancing nor being vaccinated is like someone driving a vehicle without a brake.

  14. David Joseph DRAPER | August 8, 2021 at 8:28 am |

    Wake up to yourself Anti Karen triple mask, or better still try to grow up, there are those on this planet who care.

  15. My concern is high for COVID on the central coast, but their are many people for medical conditions that can’t get it. So should they be punished? Their are many reasons some people can’t get the vaccine,. I do agree if you can get it you should.

  16. Peter Andrews | August 11, 2021 at 4:26 pm |

    While the golfers in the ‘hot spots’ in Sydney can travel 5kms. to play their sport, the lawn bowlers on the Central Coast can’t even practice on their own greens. How many COVID cases have been found in the following areas closest to where we are locked up? namely : Davistown, Avoca, Wamberal (golfing no problem!), Terrigal & Bateau Bay. I suspect the answer is too insignificant to mention.

  17. Emma Rollston | August 17, 2021 at 12:06 pm |

    I have been in Bateau Bay a lot recently and no word of a lie, the carpark looks like it’s Christmas eve. Why are all these people out. Kids not doing schooling and terrorising the elderly on the bikes scooters and skateboards. No police to be seen. Couples holding hands shopping. One person per household. Are Bateau above the rest?

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