Time to take a holiday from chronic pain

Allied Health Manager, Rebecca Jepson

Berkeley Vale Private Hospital is on a mission to connect with the community to raise awareness about its new Chronic Pain Management program ahead of National Pain Week.

Chronic pain has been described as Australia’s fastest-growing medical condition, with one in three people over the age of 65 suffering from chronic pain, and one in five GP consultations involving a patient with chronic pain.

People living with chronic pain often feel isolated, so the team at Berkeley Vale Private Hospital want to highlight new developments in pain management to help sufferers enjoy more active home, work, sport and social lives.

Allied Health Manager, Rebecca Jepson, said her team was looking forward to marking National Pain week which runs from July 26 until August 1.

“The aim of National Pain Week this year is to remind friends, family and professionals that connection is really important in addressing the social isolation that pain can create.

“So, we hope we can raise awareness of this issue and help people living with chronic pain feel more supported.

“We also want sufferers to know about the developments in the treatment of chronic pain.

“We can help them learn self-management techniques and exercises they can perform at home, to help them live their most comfortable lives,” Jepson said.

The new Pain Management Program at Berkeley Vale Private Hospital is designed to address the complex needs of people with chronic pain.

Participants will attend sessions twice a week for a six-week period on Tuesday and Friday afternoons.

During Pain Week, the program will also include a fun Hawaiian-themed holiday from pain event.

Using both individual and group-based interventions, the program aims to help patients challenge their fears about activity and fear avoidance, manage stress and improve sleep habits, as well as pace, set goals and engage in activities.

Other outcomes of the program include combining the benefits of exercise and practical education sessions, learning about the body and how to best manage movements, and experiencing the benefits of hydrotherapy and mindfulness.

The program is delivered by an experienced team of physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, psychologists and occupational therapists, and is overseen by the Hospital’s rehabilitation specialists Associate Professor, Michael Pollack, and Dr Amira Aggour.

Those interested in joining the program need to first obtain a referral from their GP or medical specialist.

Media Release, July 21
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