Time to put people before economic benefits

jet planeQantas flights on the ground. Image: CC Licence

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Having a son overseas, who I have not been able to see in person for two years, I am very interested in the situation of stranded Australians.

The reasons they are unable to return home are a combination of quarantine restrictions and plane ticket gouging.

It has become apparent that there is a two-tiered system that allows politicians, sports people, celebrities etc and their entourages to travel whenever and wherever they like, avoiding caps, quarantine and lack of tickets.

In speaking to the Member for Robertson, Lucy Wicks’ office this morning, it was made very clear to me that these individuals are of ‘economic benefit’ to the country, therefore deserve their places at the front of the queue.

It’s good to know that Australian families, children, old people, etc, who are bumped from planes, forced to pay tens of thousands for tickets and hotel quarantine, or simply refused entry because of caps, are not considered ‘economically important’ enough for our government to bring them home.

Email, July 19
Tracey Dillon, Woy Woy