Third storey for Esplanade Café

The Esplanade Café

The Esplanade Café at 60 Terrigal Esplanade is seeking a third storey to the shop top housing above it.

The Local Planning Panel was scheduled to discuss the proposal on July 22 for the tiny piece of land, a mere 121.9m2 in total, which looks out over Terrigal Beach.

The application from Howard Leslie and Associates on behalf of client Helen Felistch seeks permission to partially demolish the building and add a third storey as part of renovations.

The development application is required to go to the Planning Panel because the floor space ratio is 33 per cent above the planning controls for the area.

The application has used most of the available space with a first floor balcony (6.8m2) to the main bedroom facing Hudson Lane and a top roof terrace with pergola (20m2) on the second level facing Terrigal Beach.

Expansive windows and bifold doors provide an outlook towards Hudson Lane and Terrigal Esplanade activities and natural backdrops located beyond the site.

The architectural roof design has incorporated a skylight in such a way as to contribute additional sunlight access to the middle section of the building.

The applicant says that given the site proportions and half level split contours to the rear of the site, it is considered that the proposed development is generally consistent with the height, form and scale of building objectives for shop top housing developments in the Terrigal Village Centre.

“Although the building façade from Hudson Lane could read as a four-storey building (because of site contours and use of split level floors), given the setback distances and position of the roof top level towards the centre of the site it is anticipated this is a design volume that will not be visible at street eye level,” the applicant states.

Local Planning Panel Agenda, July 22

2 Comments on "Third storey for Esplanade Café"

  1. frank harris | July 26, 2021 at 11:16 am |

    nice to see a great improvement to this wonderful location. The view of the rear of some shops from Hudson Lane is third world

  2. Christopher Roberts | July 27, 2021 at 9:40 am |

    Do not approve. The height limitations are there for good reasons and should not be ammended.

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