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You’re watching Coast Community News 5@5 July 9, 2021. Coming up this week:

  • COVID lockdown extended for the Coast,
  • local protest over the vaccine rollout,
  • MPs say no to Council rate rise,
  • local events to be rescheduled,
  • Tale of love in lockdown,
  • Humpback highway
  • Jockey comeback
  • High jump recored in Sweden
  • Little Quirks sing SOS.
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  1. This seems to have slipped off the radar? The new Central Coast CEOs pay package of $517,000 is way over the normal salary range and no political weasel words can justify such a high remuneration.
    Let’s just get a comparison $517.000 equal to :-
    3 Politicians
    4 Doctors
    6 Nurses
    6 Police personnel
    6 Council directors
    8 Council workers
    Etc etc
    How many Senior citizens probably 25?
    How many Ratepayers to support that pay packet over 250!
    What will be the plan? Remove planning restrictions. sell off infrastructure (water and sewer) Council properties and land. Remove opposition to anything they deem a priority. Increase Rates opps! that’s already a done deal. Increase water charges – in the pipeline so to speak. Reduce Elected Councillors and increase the number of people they represent so the ratepayers have no voice. “To streamline the system ” as the catch phrase goes. Democracy by a thousand cuts leaves us with what? A State run dictatorship?

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