Rate payers subsidising five-star perks

Former Administrator Dick Persson

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I agree there seems to be a “nose in the trough culture” within the senior management of Central Coast Council (“In the real-world productivity drives higher salaries”, PP018).

Another example is the administrator Dick Persson admitting in Coast Community News (“Farewell Dick”, May 14 edition) that he stayed overnight at the five-star Kooindah Waters resort rather than commuting to work, like many ratepayers who commute to Sydney each day, without expecting their employers to put them up overnight in posh hotels.

According to a report presented to the June 29 council meeting, Mr Persson claimed over $8000 in six months on hotels and meals for days he didn’t fancy commuting to work like everybody else, in his case an easier route against the traffic.

Mr Persson was also given a top-of-the-range Audi to drive from a council that’s supposed to be broke.

I hope new administrator Rik Hart will not be claiming similar expenses from ratepayers while he continues his campaign to increase our rates yet again.

Maybe Pelican Post could ask him?

Email, July 20
Tom Colosimo, Booker Bay

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  1. Maureen Boys | July 22, 2021 at 12:42 pm |

    Re Tom Colosimo letter in Forum…..
    This letter reveals much about costs Mr Persson claimed whilst as Administrator of CCCouncil doing his job
    I believe it is preposterous that he was given the top of the range Audi, what wrong with a basic car, anything less than an Audi,
    The Kooindah Waters five-star resort.Yes that’s fancy but costly

    Our council is broke to the tune of $565 million. How can we afford this money for Mr Persson as I,m sure he was paid handsomely anyway.

    Many of the Ratepayers have found not much of his work was Transparent

    And now with Mr. Hart his style is similar and seems a ‘Culture of Nose in the Trough ‘. with him and Senior Management. So after all this drama and no result due from the inquiry,yet Mr Hart is increasing the rates further in 3 yrs!!!!

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