Pubs and clubs ‘doing it tough’

The Australian Hotels Association NSW (AHA) has welcomed a raft of State and Federal Government initiatives aimed at supporting businesses and staff during the current COVID lockdown but pubs and clubs on the Central Coast are still doing it tough.

Gosford Hotel owner, Jordan Harris, said like all other venues, the hotel was in shutdown mode.

“We do have one bottle shop open so that’s a good thing,” he said.

“The support for staff from the Government is good but we are still looking at the full details of help for businesses.

“I don’t see it saving us from losing a lot of money while we’re closed.

“We’re seeing at least $10,000 in lost revenue each week and when you throw in overheads, our losses are probably a lot more.

“We’re more worried about our staff than anything else; we’re staying in touch and making sure they are getting the government payments due to them.”

The restrictions came as a double blow to the Gosford Hotel, which was in the last six weeks of its 18-month renovation.

“The renovations have come to a grinding halt and we’re not sure how that will impact us cost-wise,” Harris said.

“It would be much better if we were not counted as part of Greater Sydney.

“We have had so few cases and have been very diligent in our COVID safe practices.”

Harris said he was not confident the lockdown would end on July 30.

“Hopefully the Government will get on top of it and we will re-open sooner rather than later,” he said.

AHA NSW CEO John Whelan said the latest lockdown had been devastating for staff and hoteliers.

“NSW hotels have operated at a maximum of 50 per cent capacity for the past 16 months and the latest lockdown has hit particularly hard,” he said.

“More than 50,000 Greater Sydney- based hotel staff are now out of work.

“The pubs might be closed but the bills keep coming in.

“This (government) support will allow us to keep our head above water during this difficult time so we’re able to open our doors when the lockdown ends.”

Terry Collins

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  1. Bob Thompsons | July 25, 2021 at 4:32 pm |

    bull shit business are doing it hard many of them are not hiring born Australians but migrant xxxx workers and pubs and clubs are making billions in profits off sporting events even while in lockdown,

    every business has trillions of tax payers dollars hidden away given to them by liberal/ national governments in tax credits, tax write offs, tax expansion, job subsidsies and jobkeeper which they never users to hire anyone in Australia its all forigeners every xxxx time.

    many farmers are just hiring there own relatives and claim hundreds of billions in secrets payroll dividends from state governments especially here in New South Wales and over 16,000 business have not paid tax in 10 years one industry has not paid tax 40 years taxi actual owners.

    Australia public is being con over business doing it hard they are not they are being assist every down turn in the market at every election while stuff many have not even paid super to there workers or proper weekly wages and holidays in 18 years since Howard change the laws.

    Business are rolling in hidden cash flow the Morrison and business owners are not telling us truth to the majority of the public just look how they came out of the last shutdown they were able to suddenly show a surplus and business were back to normal very quickly but they still cried poor for welfare and industral law changes which were never need as far back as the days of Howard.

    Only welfare recipients and low income workers are doing it hard in this lock down and the welfare recipients who are having their job applicants knocked back daily for migrant workers from soma, fiji, New Zealand, asia nations and europe are the ones really suffering year round being put in dead end courses by their job agency not able to pay the bills on time struggle being forces to work voluntary in retail industries under these so call work placement programs not getting paid a cent getting no real life skills from it, doing 14 years a day for there welfare payment which does not cover the cost of traveling to these workplacement courses and the job locations, weekly bills and medication and leaving 150 dollars out of pocket every week in job searching cause 20 dollars does not cover the phone bill nor the internet job searches or the cost of food and drinks you need to keep you going over the course of the day while job searching.

    People who work and these policitians do not have a clue how hard it is to job search too when you are subjected to lack of public transport unable to maintain your car on welfare more or less able to get car in price jacketing environment across every industry every six months,

    already rents have gone up twice this year along with water rates and cost of electricity is not coming down gas just went up so every lies that business owners and liberal government puts out is just getting bigger by the day.

    Central coast low income earners and unemployed are the third worst hit by business con jobs on working rights, weekly wages and welfare bubble the first is outback Australia where millions are unemployed struggling to get a job on a farm which are mostly run by national mps families control by industry which Barney Joyce is making billions off in kick backs to get him re-elected each year.

    How about looking at all the hidden off shore accounts even the Australia tax commissioners and senior managers got in neighboring countries who tax system is worst than ours and protected under Britain and Chinese laws

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