Public transport timetable changes cause frustration

Lockdown update: From Monday 19 July, all public transport services within Greater Sydney including the Central Coast will run to a reduced timetable. School services may be impacted according to the official announcement.

Parliamentary Secretary for the Central Coast Adam Crouch

A Sydney nurse who spoke with CCN this morning from Gosford railway station made reports of crowded station platforms and significant frustration among travellers travelling to essential services jobs.

By the time CCN reporters came to the station things were very quiet. A near deserted platform between the hourly service presented itself.

A very empty Gosford station during ‘lockdown’.


According to Transport for NSW website, Sydney Trains and NSW TrainLink Intercity services will operate to a Sunday and public holiday timetable with the exception of the dedicated Hunter and Southern Highlands lines, which will operate on a normal timetable.


Buses have also been ordered to run to a Sunday timetable during the lockdown, including the Central Coast’s bus operators Busways and Red Buses. The snap decision has left some non-driving locals waiting at bus stops on their way to doctors appointments and grocery shopping.

A Transport for NSW media statement asks people to ‘stay at home and avoid non-essential travel.’

Adam Crouch when asked about the situation by CCN reporter Skaie Hull said “..there is a reduction in train services, because quite frankly the only people utilising the train services at the moment would be those people that are classed as essential workers..”

more to come..


Verified information sources: Interview Adam Crouch MP, 17 July 2021. Transport for NSW website, Busways website.

2 Comments on "Public transport timetable changes cause frustration"

  1. They’re only going to create higher risk by having more crowded buses. I wish they’d think for at least a few minutes before pumping out anything at all for the sake of seeming competent. People taking the bus may not have the money to spend on a taxi or uber so the less fortunate take a hit again.

  2. Theresa Harvey | July 20, 2021 at 9:17 am |

    All they have done is make it more difficult for those people that have to travel by public transport, to get to work. And put them at greater risk due to more people having to share the same train/bus etc. Not everyone who needs to travel for work has a licence or a car. Very poor palnning and I cannot see what they are acheiving by reducing the services?

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