No bowing down to the minorities

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After a very pleasant stroll along the new Terrigal Beach boardwalk, along with many other smiling faces, I was at a loss (as to) what all the objections put up by the minorities were about.

Thank goodness common sense and good taste prevailed with our Coastal community benefiting over the (objections of) minorities who object to any such improvements in order to keep us stuck in the past and forgo valuable opportunity.

Unfortunately the minorities were successful in sabotaging the near completed coastal stairway from Copacabana Lookout down to Winney Bay leaving us with the now infamous Stairway to Nowhere and wasting up to million dollars of taxpayers’ money despite Council’s own survey showing the majority of the Central Coast Community wanted it.

The lesson: all levels of Government are required to lead on such important issues and not bow down to the minorities – (this) is the cornerstone of democracy.

The Terrigal Boardwalk is a good example of leadership and Copacabana Stairway Is unfortunately the opposite.

Email, Jul 13
Rod Robey, Copacabana