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The fully fenced playground at Fisherman’s Wharf Woy Woy includes wonderful play equipment for children and covered picnic facilities.

It is a highly valued community asset and should not be demolished.

The playground has easy access to take-away food and is close to public toilets.

It has been in use for decades and holds many fond memories for generations of families.

I would consider it part of the heart of Woy Woy and the area where both locals and tourists congregate – a place that both adults and children enjoy.

What does the new replacement playground in nearby Anderson Park offer?

Not a lot: a smaller play area with nowhere near the range and interest of play equipment as the existing playground; no seating within the fenced enclosure; and no seating outside the fenced area which faces the play area.

No doubt, in time that will change, and additional seating will be installed in the park.

At present, adults are either sitting on the path leading to the entrance to the play area or, of course, standing.

It has no easy access to public toilets.

A definite concern is the proximity to the smoking area of the Bayview Hotel.

Basically, it is just your average park which would be useful as a backup when the Fisherman’s Wharf Playground is full.

I do not agree with Council’s view that the new park is a ‘much safer and more suitable location for the community’.

Why does Council consider the old playground needs to be demolished?

That is a very good question seeing there does not appear to have been any community consultation.

From what I understand the roots of the nearby heritage-listed tree are a hazard in the playground and the playground no longer meets Australian safety

Surely Council has a designer who is smart enough to resolve this problem.

What is Council proposing to do with this area once the playground is demolished?

Again, another good question as there is currently no DA listed as to what is planned.

Word of mouth indicates that initially it will be a grassed area until Council decides what to do with the area – I wonder how long that will take.

How is a grassed area going to be feasible considering the tree root issue?

The roots will also trip up the elderly and less able.

Council must have a solution to resolve this problem.

Word of mouth also indicates that ultimately Council plans to put a stage there and additional tables and seating for dining.

That does not sound very child friendly.

Children need a play area to keep them occupied.

There’s nothing ideal about trying to eat your fish and chips while your kids pester you to be taken to the park to play.

I wonder how this will affect the takeaway food business in the nearby area.

If a stage is to be included does that mean we will be bombarded with entertainment when all we want to do is just sit and chat with friends and family?

Will families be as keen to come to this area?

As can be seen by the petition signed by community members, Council did not realise how important the Fisherman’s Wharf Playground was for both the local and surrounding communities.

Community consultation on this matter is essential.

Email, July 1
Jane Dove, Woy Woy

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  1. Totally agree with everything Jane Dove has stated in regards to The Fisherman’s Wharf Playground. Leave it alone Council. Wake up to yourselves you’ve already stuffed everything else up.

  2. Joseph ian Azzopardi | July 24, 2021 at 6:33 pm |

    Keep your hands of the Play ground at woy woy it’s a part of our child hood,or the people of woy woy turn on the council

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