High-quality, ‘no-dickheads’ footy – well done boys

Forum –

While walking past the Umina Oval around 5.00 pm last week, my attention was caught by a group of perhaps 20 lads.

They were energetically playing what appeared to be a hybrid game of self-refereed, touch-with a bit of tackle, rugby league.

Some of their plays seemed to be cleverly thought out, practised, fast and skilfully executed.

Also impressive was the inherent discipline in their ready conformity with their own imposed rules or code of practice.

No referee, no arguments, no histrionics and no bad language.

Just stop, hand the ball over and get going again.

Although when one fellow’s attempted overly flash play was quickly stopped, he was treated to a cheery faced spray of ‘Dickhead!’.

All laughed and the game quickly moved on.

Apparently, the boys were mainly grade 9 with some from grade 8, from Woy Woy Secondary College.

I did not engage further to obtain more information lest some less-than-well-intentioned person might think I had other than good intentions in my interest in the boys’ activity.

A big well done to the boys.

And another to their parents and the school(teachers).

A fine example well set that the likes of Central Coast Council, Parliament of NSW et al would do well to follow: Play by the rules, play nicely, think your moves through and get on with scoring!

Email, June 18
Ian Weekley, Umina Beach