Free classes on line

With school holidays heavily disrupted by the latest COVID-19 lockdown, one Coast business is offering its services digitally for free to give everyone something to do while being trapped at home.

The Creative Hub, located in The Entrance, is offering all its classes that are usually held in person either on Facebook Live or Zoom.

These classes include painting and drawing workshops which teach children the basic skills.

There is also a photography workshop that teaches participants how to take a nice picture of their pet.

They even offer a class on how to produce a short film.

Owner, Chris Osborne, said that the decision to offer their classes online was a way to give people something to do while everyone is at home.

“We have a nice mix of classes on offer for all the kids.

“The ones that love to paint can learn some new brush skills and the ones that love to draw can join in and learn how to properly draw shapes.

“Each class goes for one hour, and the Zoom meetings are capped at 10 households, so I can devote more time to each participant.

“We usually get around 15 kids in these Zoom classes and they all love joining in.

“The Facebook livestreams usually attract about 50 kids as I usually receive 40 pictures of the paintings or drawings once we’re done,” Osborne said.

“The biggest thing we’re trying to do here is connect people to their inner self,” Osborne said.

Harry Mulholland