Feng Shui house plans on exhibition

An aerial photograph of the subject site

Plans for the erection of a new dwelling in Woy Woy went on public exhibition last week.

The site at 2 Woy Woy Rd currently contains a one-storey dwelling ‘in poor condition’ and ancillary structures, which will be demolished as part of the application.

The development application includes plans to erect a single storey dwelling house containing four bedrooms on the 678 metre squared site.

The application states the dwelling has been designed in strict accordance with Feng Shui principles.

The building is square and includes an internal courtyard that can be viewed from almost every room.

The proposed development will involve the removal of one native tree with the applicant suggesting the removal will have no ecological impact on the site.

The development includes two 2000 litre rainwater tanks to allow water reuse.

Overflow from the tanks will be directed to the existing street drainage systems.

Two parking spaces will be provided onsite, with one car space to be provided within the garage and the other will be stacked in front of the garage.

The site is currently adjoined by a restaurant to the northeast and detached dwelling houses in all other directions.

The application will be on exhibition until August 5.

DA Tracker, June 30