ETASC reports strong results from its Gifted and Talented Program

GAT student Preeya-Rose with teacher Jaclyn Brownhill

ET Australia Secondary College (ETASC), located in the Gosford city centre, has been experiencing success with its Gifted and Talented Program (GAT).

Coupled with the college’s no homework policy, GAT students are enjoying the opportunity to pursue their talents both at school and in their own time.

Learning Enrichment Teacher, Jaclyn Brownhill said the program is available to students in Years 7-10.

“(It) aims to develop their skills in a real-world context by giving students scenarios where they can apply their talents,” Brownhill said.

“We currently have 25 students in our GAT program.

“Students explore their talents in depth, and they focus on how their talent can link them to job and further study opportunities once they finish high school”.

Preeya-Rose is a Year 8 student taking full advantage of the program after being home-schooled where she was not restricted by typical school year progression.

Brownhill said she is mastering content beyond the norm of her age group.

“Preeya works with other students with similar abilities, advancing and mastering content, demonstrating her skills, and growing in self-confidence,” Brownhill said.

Preeya-Rose said one of the great things about going to ETASC is the no homework policy.

“For me, I can use this time after school to focus on activities that challenge me,” she said.

“For instance, in my GAT class with Jaclyn I’m primarily focussing on advanced Mathematics and English related activities.

“Working with Jaclyn on these activities has given me the confidence to enter inter-school competitions, which the school organises, like the Big Science Competition.

“I also have time after school to play tennis or attend karate classes.”

Preeya-Rose’s parents said the college’s programs have helped Preeya to become more self-confident with her talents, making her an engaged and motivated learner.

Media release, Jun 28
ET Australia Secondary College

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