Don’t vote for politically aligned councillors

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I have been following the disaster ridden findings about the amalgamated Central Coast Council with interest.

I have only been a resident on the Central Coast for a short time, however, I smelt a problem shortly after moving here and that was the Gosford Council, prior to the amalgamation.

After enduring two elections, we were only seeing the same candidates with the same stick in the mud ideas, with their only aim being to keep their own respective heads in the feed trough.

There was the odd candidate who appeared genuine enough to look after the interests of the community, however, if by chance he was elected, his ideas/voting power was isolated by those politically aligned councillors who wanted to rule.

The many people I know who have lived here for many years, have remarked on the stupidity, failings and incompetence of the Gosford Council, which only magnified after the amalgamation.

Putting all that aside, the residents up here still voted the same people back in and now all we hear is the whinging that the rates have to go up to bail out the same incompetent people that they voted in.

Well, I hope there is a lesson learnt here.

My Dad always commented that councils were never politically aligned, they were there to look after the interests of the residents.

With that in mind, here is something to think about.

Any person that you see running for council and declares that they are Liberal, Labor, Greens, Nats, or have any political affiliation, don’t vote for them.

What we need are councillors that represent the residents, their wellbeing, and the progress of this beautiful area where we live.

If it has not been obvious to you, that is why applicants don’t show on their hand-outs their political links.

The one thing that you can be sure about is that not one of the previous Council members will be held accountable for the mismanagement of the Council funds or explain where they went, or the Auditors of the Council Accounts.

I have an opinion of appointed Administrators, that they come in armed with a 13-litre drum of white-out, a six-inch brush, throw a lot of smoke in the air, collect their payment, look for the easiest solution and then leave.

Email, July 17
Peter Caddy, Blue Haven

3 Comments on "Don’t vote for politically aligned councillors"

  1. Gayl Durie | July 27, 2021 at 2:20 pm |

    What about the greenies that pretend they are independent. Jane Smith for one.

  2. Daniel Crowther | July 28, 2021 at 10:17 am |

    Well said Peter the ratepayers have themselves to blame for lazy voting . Good candidates were cast aside .

  3. John Pennells | August 24, 2021 at 3:27 am |

    Well said Peter Caddy, I have been a rate payer for over 40 years and have observed the incompetence of Gosford Council first hand.
    Gosford Council was considered a joke by Syney councils back when we moved to the coast. A relative of mine who worked for a Sydney council told me that Gosford Councils incompetence was a regular discussion topic over their lunch and morning tea breaks and that was 40 years ago. How right he was!

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