Council’s 4-year capital works budget released

Patonga campground

Central Coast Council has announced its four-year capital works budget, adopted at the June 29 meeting, with around $58.5M earmarked to be spent on Peninsula projects between now and 2025.

Here is a summary of some of the major projects planned over the next four years.


Seawall works at the Rip Road Reserve will cost a total of $640,000 and embankment stabilisation along Mount Ettalong Rd will be completed for $75,000.

Daleys Point

Pump station remediation will be carried out at a cost of $781,000.

Empire Bay

Sewer easement access works will be completed for $150,000 and work on the Cockle Bay Towns Sewerage Project will be undertaken for $10,000.


In the Ettalong town centre, kerb and ramp upgrades will be carried out at a cost of $54,000 and there will be a $26,000 seating upgrade.

Springwood St will see $2M roadworks and a $375,000 drainage upgrade and sewer main replacement along Maitland Bay Dr will cost $580,000.

The Lemongrove Netball Courts amenities building will see a $1.4M renewal and Ettalong Beach Arts and Craft Centre will be revamped at a cost of $80,000.

The 50+ Leisure and Learning Centre will have its roller door replaced for $30,000 and Ettalong Senior Citizens clubhouse improvements will cost $30,000.


Killcare will see a water pump station upgrade for $162,000.

Little Wobby

Wharf replacement will cost $825,000.

Mount Ettalong

The lookout will be renewed for $180,000.


Patonga campground will see $30,000 improvements in each of the next four years and embankment stabilisation along Patonga Dr will cost $75,000.

Street lights are the campground will be replaced for $85,000 into in 2022.

Pearl Beach

Pearl Beach Lagoon stormwater treatment works will cost $200,000 and embankment stabilisation on Pearl Beach Dr will be carried out for $155,000.

Phegans Bay

There will be a wall reconstruction on Monastir Rd at a cost of $165,000.

Pretty Beach

There will be a play space upgrade at Turo Reserve costing $105,000.

St Huberts Island

Saint Huberts Island will see a fencing upgrade on the bridge for $975,000.

Umina Beach

A kerb and ramp upgrade in the town centre will cost $36,000 and town centre seating will be upgraded at a cost of $50,000.

Escarpment stabilisation will be undertaken for $588,151.

There will be car park and road upgrades in the Sydney Ave access road at a total cost of $720,000 and safety improvements on Mount Ettalong Rd will cost $130,000.

There will be a refurbishment of the water pump station at The Rampart for $90,000 and work on the shared zone along The Esplanade will cost $282,528 plus $1M for shared path construction.

Umina Oval will see an amenities building upgrade for a total of $2.7M and irrigation renewal for $190,000.

The skate park upgrade will come in at just over $5M and a cricket nets upgrade will cost $150,000.

The community hall will see an $80,000 upgrade and improvements to Umina Library will cost $420,000.

Umina Rugby club house will see a $250,000 renewal.

Woy Woy

The town centre will see kerb and ramp upgrades of $48,000 and $20M will be spent on the Ocean Beach Rd, Rawson Rd intersection over the next four years.

Commuter reactive works will cost almost $50,000 and James Brown Oval carpark will be upgraded at a total cost of $230,000.

Rogers Park will see a $330,000 carpark upgrade and a $1.3M renewal of its amenities building and a drainage upgrade of the Everglades catchment will cost $2.8M over the next four years.

Embankment stabilisation will be carried out on Nagari Rd at a cost of $39,000.

Peninsula Leisure Centre will see: HVAC replacement for $3.8M; a gym equipment upgrade of $300,000; centre upgrades for a total of $170,000; and a $120,000 refurbishment.

Lions Park will be upgraded at a cost of $300,000 and $915,822 in waterfront upgrades will take place as well as a $100,000 spend on Woy Woy wharf.

Improvements will be made to James Browne Oval at a cost of $390,000 and Woy Woy Peninsula Childcare Centre will get a new $80,000 roof.

Woy Woy tip will see improvements and upgrades totalling $6.3M.

Woy Woy Bay

Woy Woy Bay wharf will be replaced at a cost of $480,000.

Full details of projects planned for other parts of the Central Coast and regionwide initiatives can be found on the Council website.

Central Coast Council Four Year Capital Works Program
Council agenda papers, Jun 29