Council unveils four year capital works program

Central Coast Stadium twilight games are popular with fans.

Central Coast Council has announced its four-year capital works budget, adopted at the June 29 meeting, with the 2021-22 budget bumped up by $1.5M to $175M, thanks to some of the planned projects being fully funded by grants.

The papers also show budgets of $195.5M for 2022-23; $176.8M for 2023-2024; and $171.9M for 2023-2024.

Here is a summary of some of the major projects planned over the next four years.

Central Coast Stadium

The Council is planning a major investment in the stadium, with $300,000 to be spent to renovate food and beverage concessions and $150,000 on risk mitigation devices.

The cool room will be upgraded at a cost of $90,000 and roof inspection hatches will be installed at a cost of $90,000.

Air-conditioners will be installed at a cost of $80,000 in 2021-22 and there will be a reactive renewal at a cost of $55,000 over each of the next four financial years.

In addition, $35,000 will be spent for a merchandise outlet; $30,000 for internal LED lighting; $5000 for an irrigation control unit; $220,000 for corporate TV and LED signs; and $400,000 to refurbish corporate facilities.

Broadcast facilities will be renovated at a cost of $200,000 and corporate facilities will be renovated at a cost of $350,000.

The east ground floor toilets will be renovated at a cost of $400,000, lighting will be replaced at a cost of $250,000 and $65,000 will be spent to upgrade fire control services and $5000 to upgrade the master TV antenna.

Laycock Street Theatre

Over $500,000 will be spent on air conditioning replacement, replacement of the cooling tower with a split system, extraction fans and the replacement of stage lighting with LED.

Gosford Regional Gallery

Gosford regional Gallery will receive a new exterior fence at a cost of $36,000 and new air-conditioning in the café and shop at a cost of $220,000.

In 2023-24, $30,000 will be spent to replace the office and foyer carpet and a new corridor link from Studio 3 to the bathrooms will cost $25,000 in 2022-23.

Gosford City Carpark

The carpark will receive a $50,000 new customer payment portal, a $15,000 automated roller shutter, $140,000 licence plate recognition and $150,000 loop counters.

Reactive works will cost almost $50,000 over the next four years and heating of the administration building will cost $90,000.

Remediation works costing more than $600,000 are planned over the next four years and the security cage will be replaced at a cost of $15.000.


The lifeguard tower stand will be upgraded at a cost of $100,000; the town centre beach viewing deck will be upgraded for $20,000; and Cape Three Points Rd will receive a $90,000 upgrade.

There will be a $200,000 carpark upgrade; embankment stabilisation on Avoca Dr at a cost of $60,000 and drainage upgrades on Avoca Dr at a cost of more than $4.5M over next four years.

Water mains renewal will be carried out at a cost of $200,000.

Play space upgrades will cost $465,000.


Del Monte Pl will receive a new stormwater gross pollutant at a cost of $250,000 and more than $6M in road upgrades as well as a $1.1M drainage upgrade.

An upgrade of Oceana St will cost $50,000 and Copacabana reserve will get a new look for $505,214.

The surf club roof will be replaced at a cost of $66,000.


An upgrade of Davistown Rd will cost $1.1M over the next two years and shared path construction in Malinya Rd will cost $1.6M.

East Gosford

East Gosford will receive a new stormwater gross pollutant trap at a cost of $150,000 and a $5M upgrade of Lushington St as well as a $370,000 drainage upgrade.

Hilton Moore Oval play will be renewed for $105,000 and an upgrade for East Gosford Lions Club community hall will cost $100,000.


Upgrades of the Erina Depot will cost $1.5M and a shared path upgrade on Central Coast Hwy will cost $779,500.

The Erina Oval sportsground amenities building renewal will cost $1.2M; Aspect Central Coast School will cost $80,000; and upgrades to the Erina tennis clubhouse will come in at $100,000.

Forresters Beach

Pump station upgrades will cost $3M over the next two years and drainage outlet replacement in Kalakau Ave will cost $450,000.


There will be kerb upgrades costing $60,000 in 2021 and an upgrade of Donnison St West costing $44,000.

Renewal works in Burns Park will cost $25,000 and pedestrian crossing upgrades in the CBD $45,000.

Roundabout upgrades in the CBD will cost $52,000 and public space recycling will cost $200,000.

Embellishment works at Rumbalara will cost $110,000 in 2023 and CBD infrastructure reinforcements will cost around $23M over four years.

Drainage upgrades in Gosford are expected to cost around $5M over the next four years.

Gosford CBD water infrastructure reinforcements will be undertaken at a cost of around $9.6M over the next four years.

A fit-out of the Gosford customer service centre will cost $87,300 and the new regional library will cost almost $27M over the next three years.

Construction of a shared path on Racecourse Rd will cost $1.4M.

Gosford Olympic Pool will undergo a rolling renewal, replacement of indoor pool and entry kiosk roofs and renewal of pool filtration and changing rooms at a total cost of $700,000 and upgrades to Gosford 50+ Leisure and Learning Centre will cost $30,000.

Brady’s Gully Park will receive a $77,620 revamp and shared pathway construction Central Coast Hwy will cost $250,000.

Stage 2 of the Adcock Park redevelopment is slated to cost $60,000 and Central Coast Arts Barn will be refurbished for $120,000.

Green Point

Sun Valley Park play space and car park construction will cost $370,000.


Barrier installation along Wisemans Ferry Rd will cost $91,000 and culvert reconstruction is expected to cost $45,053.


Fire trail upgrades in Holgate will cost over $250,000.


Kariong will see skate park renewal ($300,000); play space renewal ($105,000) and sports facility upgrade ($95,000).

A redesign of the playground at Kariong Childcare Centre will cost $150,000; centre upgrades will cost $25,000; and the tennis clubhouse roof will be replaced at a cost of $100,000.


A water pump station upgrade will cost $162,000.


Sewage treatment works will cost $3.6M over the next two years and Patrick Croke Oval will be upgraded and improved for a total of $310,000.

The roofs will be replaced at Kincumber preschool and Kincumber/Bensville Sea Scouts for $80,000 each and replacing the shade sail at Kincumber Library will cost $60,000.

The School of Arts will be refurbished for $80,000 in 2023. New


George Downs Dr roadwork will cost $250,000.


Ridgeway Rd will receive a $4M upgrade and a $675,000 drainage upgrade.

Macmasters Beach

The Macmasters Beach seawall will see an outlay of $640,000 in 2022.

Mooney Mooney

Mooney Mooney dam work is expected to come in at a cost of $319,000.

Mount Elliot

Mount Elliot picnic area will be refurbished at a cost of $120,000.


Replacement of the Carrington Rd bridge will cost $750,000 in 2021.

Niagara Park

Niagara Park Children’s Centre shade sales will cost $12,000 and upgrades to Niagara Park Stadium will be done over three years at a total cost of $376,000.

North Avoca

Road upgrades will take place over the next four years at a cost of $3.6M and drainage upgrades will cost $645,000.

Roadworks will be conducted along The Scenic Rd in 2021-22 at a cost of $248,000.

Point Clare

Fagans Park amenities block will be upgraded for $254,000.

Improvements at Sensory Park and Pandala Oval will cost a combined $60,000 and the skate park will be redeveloped at a cost of $270,000.


Major upgrades to Steyne Rd will cost more than $12M over the next four years and a drainage upgrade will cost $640,000.

Saratoga will also see water trunk main renewal and embankment stabilisation on The Corso at a cost of $37,500.

Jirramba reserve will be upgraded for $105,000 and the tennis club will be refurbished at a cost of $80,000.


Safety improvements and roadworks on Wisemans Ferry Rd will cost $1.1M and an upgrade of Pile Rd will cost $472,000.

A water pump station upgrade will cost more than $4.8M over the next three years and embankment stabilisation in Kadla Cl will cost $40,500.


Embankment stabilisation along Wisemans Ferry Rd will cost $30,000 and waterfront toilets will cost $50,000.


Bin hutch upgrades will cost $150,000 and town centre gateway signs $132,000 in 2022.

Pavement renewal and road resurfacing work will cost over $600,000 and embankment stabilisation on The Scenic Highway will cost $39,000.

The Terrigal Lagoon walking track is expected to cost $680,000.

Terrigal BMX club house will have its roof replaced for $80,000 and upgrades at Terrigal Children’s Centre will cost $50,000.

Terrigal Tennis Complex upgrades will be completed for $200,000; $63,952 will be set aside for the construction of the HMAS Adelaide Memorial at Terrigal Haven and an upgrade at Duffys Reserve will cost $200,000.


Roadwork on Brooks Hill Lane will cost $140,000 and toilet renewal is slated for $445,000.


Culvert replacement in Cary St will cost more than $1M over the next three years.

Central Coast Community Women’s Health Centre will see drainage works for $30,000; Maidens Brush Oval upgrades will cost a total of $460,000; and Wyoming Community Centre will be upgraded to the tune of $40,000.

Full details of projects planned for other parts of the Central Coast and regionwide initiatives can be found on the Council website.

Council agenda papers, Jun 29
Central Coast Council Four Year Capital Works Program

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  1. Obviously Wyong shire doesn’t exist? De-merge the council now!

    • I agree that no amalgamation appears to have been made as no funds seem to be allocated for suburbs above Wyong. Why are these renovations to sport and entertainment venues a priority when the venues may be unused for quite some time yet. Help the people of the coast with wages or invest the money to compile money so you can afford to do those jobs when they become critical.

  2. From what I read, generally there is no justification to why the funding is going towards areas that don’t need really need it. They are upgrades nothing more to areas where their rate payers are not wanting higher rates to pay for it.

    I still see multiple botched and unfinished infrastructure projects and those that still are not being undertaken and it is to the detriment of the whole of the central coast. Why is this funding not put to better use.

    The areas written about in this release I assume as usual is centred around the south not caring to write about the north, but if this is all the funding, then shame Central coast council you have failed again.

    I can’t believe the there is no need for funding for the old Wyong shire geographical area. The people in those areas (old Wyong shire) still pay rates higher, and where the use of those extra funds should be centred around the north not south. The parity and equality stinks Mr Parsens you did do enough to prevent future miss pending. The north pay higher rates to a council that takes it and uses it away from where it was funded.

    IF THIS IS THE WAY OF THE FUTURE FOR CENTRAL COAST COUNCIL THEN Local Representatives my question to you is….

    Can we vote on that as a referendum piece rather than reducing council members?

    If it were up for debate I know what the answer would be….

  3. What about old wyong council, nothing in this list at all, what is going on council

  4. Nothing for the Wyong Shire – again. Not one single thing !!! Why do I bother to pay rates, to get nothing in return. It’s just a joke

  5. Gosford staff…gone..gosford council building…going. stick to facts. Maybe work needs to be done in gosford because it needs it

  6. Sam Calabretta | July 10, 2021 at 7:11 pm |

    Nothing for the wyong Shire as usual this is a joke

  7. Mr Grant D. Smith | July 10, 2021 at 8:15 pm |

    Sorry but I thought amalgamation meant greater outcomes for all…no money north of Lisarow? We need to take some serious interest in our next council elections and make sure our elected officials are there for our local communities…otherwise we only have ourselves to blame.

  8. so the old wyong shire area misses out. AGAIN!

  9. What happened about the enquiry into the amalgamated council. Wyong Shire misses out. Wyong Shire had the funds, Gosford Shire was in debt. Gosford Shire complain about rate rises. They were paying less than Wyong. This can be seen in suggested rates rises for the 2 Shires.

  10. Should be called Gosford and Avoca council not Central Coast council nothing spent past kariong yet they expect everyone north of Gosford to pay for it. Oh sorry that is just the norm isn’t it.

  11. Kent Baldwin | July 11, 2021 at 12:32 pm |

    I thought the council was broke.
    How about repaying all the money Gosford took from Wyong so we can get the works done which were promised to us before the amalgamation

  12. Why is everything around Gosford nothing in the wyong area we pay our rates to get things done in our area so why are we left out.

  13. fred debattista | July 11, 2021 at 8:34 pm |

    no kerning and guttering and concrete pathway along Summerland Point road along sports club.. gwandalan need pathways badly..

  14. This must only be a preliminary account of upgrades surely, what is happening in Wyong Shire, some people must be embarrassed to part Central Coast Council. Why did the Councils merge? Should never have happened thats for sure.

  15. This may have been covered before? What about selling the Central Coast stadium. Its an expensive building and grounds to keep up the maintenance. The playing surface was recently replaced at great expense. Is it utilised to it greatest potential? Does it even cover costs? I believe the Mariners wanted to buy the stadium. So how about selling it. It is an asset that would realise urgently required funds. If we need to pay down debt this would supply a big chunk and save millions in repairs and maintenance.

  16. irene mary franklin | July 13, 2021 at 8:10 pm |

    what happen to Gwandalan and summerland point? don’t we deserve some money to be spent on us? our roads are falling apart, and full of potholes. these are fixed and then the filling falls out as soon as a car runs over them. Are we not more important than a stadium that most of us up will never use. Tell me is this what our rates are paying for, if that is the case, I’m thinking we should stop paying our Rates. not long ago you were saying that the council was broke and had to borrow money, and now you are spending it on a stadium. these councillors who voted for this money, are in for a big shock at the elections.

  17. Patrick Anglin | July 14, 2021 at 11:22 am |

    Bloody disgusting amalgamation should never have happened we Wyong should be allowed to vote on this issue what is wrong with our Counci

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