Council to participate in State ‘shopping trolley workshop’

CCN has published many letters from the community over the years on the ongoing problem of shopping trolleys abandoned all over the region.

Well, the problem will soon be in the spotlight when Central Coast Council participates in a series of workshops being conducted in coming months by the State Government.

The workshops will help the Government finalise its comprehensive review of laws helping local councils to protect their communities from safety hazards caused by abandoned items in public places.

Minister for Local Government, Shelley Hancock, said the face-to-face and online workshops are designed to consult councils, government agencies, business and peak bodies about a stronger regulatory framework.

“The NSW Government is committed to ensuring local councils have strong powers to protect their communities from the safety hazards caused by abandoned and unattended items and livestock in public places,” Hancock said.

“The review aims to futureproof local residents and communities against long-term issues caused by abandoned shopping trolleys, boat trailers and stray stock on rural roads, but also emerging problems created by new technologies such as e-scooters and share bikes.

“The NSW Government has received 85 written submissions in response to its review discussion paper, which raised a wide range of issues, and these have been closely examined as consideration is given to changes to the Impounding Act.

“I look forward to the completion of the review and introducing changes to the Impounding Act in Parliament to ensure our laws continue to meet community needs and expectations.”

Council’s Director Environment and Planning, Scott Cox, said the safety of the community is a key concern for Council, as is the protection of the environment.

“This is one workshop that we’ll certainly seek to participate in,” Cox said.

Terry Collins