Call for exhibitors for Bouddi Peninsula Arts Weekend

Four of the artists from last year’s Arts Trail (from left to right): Anita Riemann, Lisa Sansi, Cate and Lyn Cotterell

For local artists wanting to dip their brush into a new world of work, the Bouddi Society is calling for expressions of interest for those wanting to exhibit in the upcoming annual Bouddi Peninsula Arts Weekend.

The event is expected to be held on the October Long Weekend, from October 2 to 3.

The Bouddi Society will be hosting an art show at Wagstaffe Hall with the theme expected to be ‘Bouddi Life’, providing a broad scope for artists.

With paintings of any genre and sculptural pieces to be exhibited at the Hall, all exhibitors must be either residents of the Bouddi Peninsula or have close ties with it.

The local arts community will be organising a trail across the Peninsula with artists opening their studios and workshops to visitors, showcasing a diverse range of artforms including ceramics, wood, painting, textiles and jewellery.

Demonstrations of various artisan genres will also be held over the weekend at Wagstaffe Hall.

Local artists interested in exhibiting at the art show, or participating in a demonstration, can contact Margaret Crane at

Those interested in participating in the arts trail can contact Leanne Koppen at

Expressions of interest must be submitted by August 1.

Media release, July 4
Wagstaffe to Killcare Community Association

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    • Thanks Alfred. In the article it points our the full detail. They are simply organising in case it goes ahead for the October Long Weekend, from October 2 to 3.

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