Build a new railway station to fix crowded roads

Woy Woy Station bus interchangeWoy Woy Station rail and bus interchange

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I am reading with interest the suggestions about places to put further parking in Woy Woy town centre.

They all revolve around finding somewhere near the station, which would make sense.

What they fail to take into account is that the rail commuters during the morning and evening peak hours block our already traffic-laden streets causing gridlock for a couple of hours each working day.

This is particularly evident along Blackwall Road due to the traffic lights at the Allfield Road intersection.

The solution is not to further exacerbate the problem but to find a better solution.

Where do we put all these cars?

I would propose that the answer lies in building a new railway station, with above the train line parking, at south Woy Woy.

This is not my idea but I recall it being suggested quite some years ago.

This would immediately reduce the congestion on our CBD roads and make parking for shoppers far easier.

Just a thought, that the decision makers might like to add to their deliberations.

Email, July 20
Laurie Powell, Woy Woy