Brisbane Water PD welcomes new Commander

Brisbane Water Police District has welcomed its new Commander, Superintendent Darryl Jobson.

“After being in the Command for only one week it is quite clear that I have inherited a workforce who are extremely supportive of each other and dedicated to serving the community,” Jobson said on the District’s Facebook page.

“In order to get the best outcomes for the community, it is important that police and the community work together to reduce crime and improve public and road safety.

“A current example of working together relates to enforcing the current Public Health Orders with numerous persons being given infringement notices as a result of police patrols and information from the community.

“Working with the Highway Patrol, we will continue to focus on enforcement and deterring people from coming to Central Coast, unless an exemption applies.

“There is great work being undertaken by our sworn and unsworn officers at the Command and the community should be rightfully proud of their local officers.

“I look forward to working with the men and women at Brisbane Water PD to deliver professional policing services and positive outcomes for the local community.”

Brisbane Water Police District Facebook page, Jul 19