92 block Warnervale subdivision returns for public comment

A subdivision for 92 residential blocks on a 24ha site at Warnervale has come back to Central Coast Council with revisions after being rejected by Hunter Central Coast Regional Panel on December 21, 2020.

The land has frontages to both Sparks Rd and Hakone Rd at Woongarrah, and is part of the expansive Warnervale Town Centre Project.

LandCorp has lodged the latest development application for the subdivision, proposed as stages six and seven of the Warnervale Town Centre housing development.

“The proponent and Council staff have worked extensively and collaboratively to address all issues previously raised to now provide a satisfactory and very positive outcome,” said applicant, Beveridge Williams, on behalf of Landcorp NSW.

“The amendments to the subdivision, which include adjusting the road alignment, lot orientation, lot size and benching the lots where required, fully satisfies the relevant statutory requirements of the development whilst remaining substantially the same as the original development application.

“The proposed subdivision is suitable for the site and remains totally consistent with the objectives of local planning strategies and policies.”

The report to Council goes on to say that extensive discussions with Council’s Section Manager of Development Engineering assisted to resolve all issues of street conflict.

The closure of the middle intersection on to Mataram Rd and a western access to Mataram Rd was agreed as the best solution.

“The alignment of Mataram Rd includes traffic calming devices to manage vehicle speed on Mataram Rd and through the local roads within the subdivision,” the applicant’s report said.

What was originally a 160-lot subdivision, was amended in 2020 to 92 residential lots plus residue land of 14.04ha which was to be the site for future development.

But Council engineers raised concerns regarding the proposed intersections of the north/south internal roads with Mataram Rd as well as grades and widths of some of the roads.

The lots within the proposed subdivision were predominantly 360sqm with 12m frontages and engineers noted that some lots did not have sufficient frontage or access for driveways for future dwellings.

The new application addressed all the concerns.

“This report outlines the reasons for refusal of DA/919/2018 and how those items have now been extensively and exhaustively addressed and remedied in close collaboration with the relevant officers at Central Coast Council to ensure a fully compliant and approved application,” the applicant states.

The proposal is now open for public comment.

The site was rezoned for urban purposes when the Warnervale Town Centre Development Control Plan was formulated years ago and the site was biodiversity certified for 25 years in 2014.

Stages one to five to the west of the site are either currently under construction or completed.

A separate development application has been lodged for stages eight, nine and 10.

Sue Murray and Merilyn Vale

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