What happened to the Performing Arts Centre?

An artist’s impression of the Performing Arts Centre

Forum –

There was much thought, meetings, articles, architects’ impressions, positive and enthusiastic conversation re a possible performing arts centre at Gosford.

Well, what happened?

It all went away; where did it go?

I cannot think of ONE building here on the Coast which is eye catching.

A building which would make you feel proud and happy every time you would look at it.

No shortage of buildings shooting up like mushrooms.

Most of these are just ordinary and many are just plain ugly, an eyesore.

It is so clear that the dollar sign is behind everything; build it fast and on to the next.

Don’t worry too much about the quality and aesthetic, just do it!

Well, the Central Coast has the most beautiful nature but it sure is NOT the cultural navel of the world!

Email, May 26
Inger Terp, North Avoca