School holiday activities severely restricted

With COVID-19 rearing its ugly head again, there is little that Coast students can physically do during the school holidays, as many previously planned events have been scrapped due to new lockdown measures.

However, for those who are crafty, there are some interesting activities that children can participate in from the comfort and convenience of their homes.

One such activity is The Great Recycle Maker Challenge, which is an online challenge that requires using recycled materials that test participant’s design and engineering skills.

Participants will also receive a certificate of participation, and a photo of the creation will be shared on social media and in library branches across the Coast.

This event is designed for children ages 6-12.

After registering for the challenge, an email with everything that participants need to know about the challenge will be sent.

This challenge ends on July 9.

Another thing you can do in the comfort of your own home is a scavenger hunt.

Scavenger hunts can have a range of themes such as numbers that challenges children to find a certain number of things around the house, or a letters one that challenges students to find objects that start with a certain letter.

Scavenger hunt ideas can be found on the internet.

Another way to get creative at home is to make a cardboard weaving.

All you need for this is some cardboard, a pencil, some scissors, tape and various coloured wool in thick and thin variants.

Further instructions can be found on the internet.

Another fun activity is making a button bowl, all you need for this easy activity is flat buttons of any size or colour, a balloon, mod podge, some glue, a large paintbrush, a roll of painter’s tape and some pins.

More instructions can be found on the internet.

For those looking for a bit of physical exercise, going for a walk or a bike ride is a good way to keep moving.

Harry Mulholland